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Saturday, January 26, 2008

There Is No Such Thing As "Free Lunch"

I remember this line in my accounting book back in college. This means that everything has a cost. No one can expect a free thing in this world. Even things that seem so free and are at our disposal, without us knowing it, it has a cost. The cost may not be monetary in nature but you have to give up something to have it. Say for example sleeping. Indeed it is free to sleep and we do not pay ourselves to sleep but when we sleep, we have given up time we should have used to do something more productive. It is a little absurd to think about these little things I know. But how about bigger ones? As I have said, it is Piccolla!

The Philippines brags itself as one of the most beautiful countries with lots of natural resources and beautiful places to see. I strongly agree with this one. Indeed there are the chocolate hills, hundreds of beaches in the country and other interesting places. But who knows that these things exist without proper information? How would Europeans know that many things and these are beautiful things that exist in the Philippines without letting them know? There is no much proper information dessimination in the Philippines. With more than seven thousand islands, how do you expect them to know things about the Philippines? They can think to be lost in these numbers of islands. WoW Philippines Site is not enough.

I was shocked when I went to Malaysia and see their promotional materials everywhere and these contain highlights of the places they promote. It's not only how beautiful the place is, words about its beauty must also be spread to let everyone know. To be honest, not all featured places or worth visiting areas promoted in those brochures and leaflets are beautiful but they awaken curiosity and let the people go there, thus bossting the tourism income.Where does the money allotted to tourism go? Hmmmm... deep pockets? Well, who knows? Everyone knows!

Indeed that printed ads are expensive but with proper planning on how these things can be a source of income too (like seeling for a break-even amount), it can give good returns to the country. It is cheap to visit Philippines from Europeans' and Americans'point of view, so why not advertise to them extensively? See some of these articles on feedback about Philippine tourism. By Andrea from Melbourne , By a Proud Filipina , The Beautiful Bohol . All these are found at various reviews made in this Cosmotourist Site

Take this example for Puerto Galera. How tourists reach the place without being worried? Without being hurt by the rough road if travelling from Calapan City? The infrastructure is what Philippines lack aside from information dessimination. Access roads are so narrow if not rough paths/roads. Transportation systems are not regulated giving negative impressions to everyone visiting the place!

How left behind the Philippines is! Who is to blame? The government? The government is not alone without the people. Ask your consciense how many times you have bribed a person in authority before you complain about corruprion. Corruption is a two-way process...So, are you clean? I don't think so!

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