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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Money is Not Enough

Money is not the sole determinant if a country is progressive or not. I know that Philippines have a cnsiderable amount of money when we talk about this thing. But who has it? Only few rich individuals and greedy power holders in the country. The masses are poor and do not enjoy any right to live but only exist for "survival". Even here in Europe, cars are much but most are cars of the masses, where the majority can afford. In Philippines, expensive cars are much but I wonder if the owners really owned the money that he/she used to buy one. It is not a new story that a Filipino politician has at least three cars...well, needs the car for the body guards... (and maybe for the goons?).

Only the rich enjoy life (in the Philippines), an airconditioned means of transport where they don't breath in the smoke and pollution that is rampant on all the country's roads. Is this the reason why the thick smoke belching old cars and jeepneys are not reprimanded? Because the policy makers don't smell and feel anything? After all they are inside their glassed and air conditioned cars, right?

Money is not enough. The present generation must also invest for the country of their future descendants, so they will have a better place to live. Please think about this, Congressman!


  1. hello. u commented on my blog last year and i did not even notice..


    well hello ^^

  2. Hi Maria, thanks for dropping by. Good luck in your studies. Take care.

  3. Hi Maria, thanks for dropping by. Good luck in your studies. Take care

  4. I guess I disagree with your first sentence, the determinant is money... kung gaano kadami ang naibubulsa ng mga sugapa sa gobyerno...

    sorry for my word, i just cannot bear to see the picture you've posted

  5. Hi Gina! Hahaha! You've got this temper like me when it comes to this topic (corruption)! But I guess you have miss looked it. The first sentence tell it in a negative way, telling NOT THE ONLY DETERMINANT... meaning, determining factor din sya but there are other things to be considered aside from it.

    I guess, you are right, you could not control your emtion when you saw the image. I guess this is normal for concerned people like you and me.. I hope we can do something to make our country better.


  6. Ye, only rich people enjoy the life in Pinas. I certainly agree!


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