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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Discrimination, Indeed the World is Not Mature Nor Openminded Enough to Erase Discrimination

Discrimination. This is the content/feature of a featureimage/article I recently stumbled in a leading Italian newspaper,la Repubblica. If you can understand the caption, well good then, but if not, I can only tell that the girl in the image below is Chinese and she feels 100% (her father is African) being so but people there don't think so...why? She is black! But why? Why are we like that? We do we look at skin colors? Notcool huh? I mean, if you have any religion or something of that kind, don't you think the One who created you is the same One who created people with other skin colors? The world is getting older but its inhabitants are still so immature and narrowminded. Very sad reality.

discrimination skin color

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Visiting Spain: The Conqueror and Oppressor of Filipinos For Hundreds of Years

Visiting Spain during the first week of September was very special. Can you imagine this country was only known for me courtesy of my Philippine History books during my studies in the Philippines? I can still imagine the pain and oppression and the killings and the war and so many atrocities Spanish caused the mother country that I have but while I was there, I could not actually see any evidence.

I learned that for the past few decades, Spain has lagged behind among Western European countries in terms of economy but this decade, it has caught up so fast causing a very good economy and a very good place to visit as well.

Tour Guide Site I Created for Barcelona
My Barcelona Photos

It was a whole lot of fun while I was there. I could never connect what they did to the Filipinos on the current setting although whether we like it or not, there is this connection.
Why can’t we be like Spain? We have been behind our fellow Asian countries for so long and why don’t we advance this time? What’s been keeping us? How can we make our beloved country succeed? Do we have the means? And if we have, can we sustain it?

I have so many questions about my country that I hope the answers would be there before I leave this world of living. Philippines is a beautiful country and now that I am almost two years away from it, I am longing to go home. Sometimes the chaos there is something that one true-blood Pinoy can miss.

I am so glad I have Filipinos at least online and also another from work. There are also a bunch around that make me remember…. Food, culture, race, etc.

So let’s get back to the question: Will there be a leader like the Spanish leader Zapatero who can lead the Philippines causing the country to be strongly positive internally and externally? I wish so hard that the answer would be YES! But you know what, fellow Pinoy? It’s NOT in the leader alone! We have to share our efforts. Lets change for the better starting from our OWN self and household!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

I Love Philippines Too Maintaining a Good Google PR of 3!

This very blog has been gifted with PR of 3 for more than a year already and I am so glad and so proud of it! Can you imagine posting something here and be easily searched or seen and my dream of having my ideas scattered/disseminated and shared all come true? Having or maintaining a constant good Google PR is quite a challenge. I know that as I maintain a lot of blogs, if I count, at least seven more others!

What do I do then? I do my best! With other blogs, I have also PR of 0 and even non-PR'd blogs but mostly, at least they're indexed by Google. How is that? Hard work is always an involved element. If you, he, she, or I is serious enough, you'd be inspired to submit your blogs' or posts' links to web directories. In fact, you need not shell out a cent to do that. There are so many freebies around such as this free web directory that may help us all bloggers promote what we have created and blogged about. But if you are more serious with your site or blog or posts and want to really invest on it, business web directory or directories are available for us.

In fact, this very post would surely be submitted to one of these free directories around to make sure that this very post, like the rest of the posts here will also be indexed by Google and be assigned a proper Page Rank.

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Friday, June 26, 2009

Filipino Professionals Dreaming to be Abroad: Who's To Blame?

Being away from this mother nation Philippines for quite two years made me realize a lot of things. When I saw that article you see below from reading some current news about Philippines, it made me think right away. Did I dream to be abroad? What was my fellow professionals and student by then think about going abroad? What lies ahead in our own dear country? There are a thousand questions, there are a million probable answers but who knows? Who really know?
filipinos abroad, philippine poverty, filipino professionals, brain drain,There is also very high demand for new science and math teachers in the US with estimates by the Business-Higher Education Forum in Washington putting the figure at 200,000 at the least. In the last 10 years, around 4,000 Filipino teachers—mostly math science English and special education teachers—left the country. This figure included only new hires for teaching jobs and did not include those who left the country for work other than teaching, the paper said. The top destinations were the United States, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates, the paper added. According to a UN Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization Unesco study Geron said, the Arab states will face the greatest teacher shortage in the drive to provide every child with a primary education by 2015 as the region will need to raise the current stock by 26 percent and create another 450,000 teaching posts in less than a decade. As more developed countries face a graying workforce, they are increasingly resorting to the recruitment of skilled teachers from less developed countries. This phenomenon had already been foreseen by European countries since the ’90s, warning that aging teaching forces may eventually lead to shortages.For instance, more than 60 percent of all primary teachers are over 40 years of age in Canada, Italy, and the Netherlands; and more than 40 percent are over 50 years old in Germany and Sweden
As one of the professionals who's abroad, although I am no teacher at all, I ask myself who's to be blamed in the situation. I have to say that the quality of teachers and teaching methods in the country would worsen if all of those who have capabilities, greater talents and more responsible and brilliant teachers teach somewhere else instead of teaching their fellow Filipinos.

What I can say is, the quality of life and the surroundings where one has to teach also motivate the teacher: they have dream! Until these teachers see what lies ahead abroad, their dreams would be there, within themselves and so strong. We have the shortage in our own country and we have surplus for those who dream to be abroad.

The fact is, if one cannot eat and enjoy in his/her own country, it's better to be out, right? Government does not do nothing at all to alleviate the poverty. I mean, to do something does not necessarily mean to spend a lot of resources. Change start from the mind and the ideas, thus, implementing ideas that can stick in each Filipino mind, and heart and if the leaders themselves practice what they preach (this can be done on media ads in TVs, Internet, etc), change would come slowly. As they say, "Rome was not built overnight" so expect the long term effect of a long term plan!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Crazy But It Happens

Complains, clamours, dissatisfaction and a lot of negative things you read here about the Philippines. But as they say, the truth hurts and I usually just write the truth and others get hurt by it. But what can I do? To conquer our fears, we have to face it. Like the problems that we have in our country, to solve any of them, we have to acknowledge that problem's existence.
All I want to say is, I'd be two years out of the Philippines by November and how I wish I can gi back there this time and see how my dear country is. I miss the confusion, my friends and a lot of other things that is Pinoy.

I miss the jeep, I miss the dirt, I miss the noise, I miss the crazy heavy traffic jam! Am I crazy? Maybe it happens to you when you grow 22 years in that country and when you try to go away from practices and beliefs and customs that you later o, when you are at least 18 years of age, discovered to be stinking, lousy and useless practices..

Friday, May 22, 2009

My Fellowmen: Please Save the Nature to Save Our Future

Staying in Philippines for 22 years has its ups and downs. I was born in this motherland of ours, I was raised there and I was educated there. Living here in Europe is no bed of roses as well. It's always a different feeling to be at home and feel at home and just do the normal stuff I have been doing before. I tell you guys that it's no easy thing to go against what you have been doing for 22 years: culture, customs, weather, climate, people, language, race, beliefs and many other things. I really need to be adaptable, which I am lucky I am, but I still tell you that here is NOT my home.

Here, I have to obey everything. Here, I have to feel so much cold. Here, I have to do a lot of bureaucratic procedures to make one thing. Here I do not have a clue where to see bargains, which store is for the right budget, etcetera, etcetera. Here they speak Dutch and I speak English. There's always the difference here but here it's also cleaner here and people are making their nature livable, not only today but also in the future.

Although I never went abroad before 22 years, I had a lot of Korean buddies back in the University. And I quote one of them (Lee) when we talked about rivers: "We are not as stupid as you Filipinos to pollute our rivers." That was a piercing statement but that was true. What could I tell him? Should I tell him what he noted was not true? I could not! Why? Because the evidence was slapping my face right in front of us when he made that statement.

I was Lee's tutor for English conversations and proper usage of words and anything to have him pass the TOEIC examination. We made lessons in the hotel suite he rented until the examination time came. Such hotel is beside the river and the river stinks at certain hours of the day... more specifically, when we made lessons at around 3-4 in the afternoon. Outside that time frame, I don't know if the river still stinks because I'm out of the place already.

Lee explained that he took the hotel expecting a great river view and a good contact with nature. He noted that when he reserved that place, the photo he saw from online was clean. He did not expect that Philippines could be so dirty with thrown garbage and plastics right in the river as during low tides, these thrown objects rush to the river banks and the residue make up the stinky waters.

Why do we Filipinos are so selfish? Why are we not thinking of the future? Why do we throw garbage anywhere whenever we get the chance to? I don't know why! Maybe we are indeed stupid that we cannot understand what lies ahead in the future. We are so stupid to understand that we cause our own floods, we create our own land slides, and flash floods. That's for today and we just imagine the exponential effect to our next generation because of our irresponsibilities.

It's time to be properly educated. At least a little by little. If each one of us, around 100 million, just throw a single candy wrapper in the correct place, can you imagine what big improvement it already makes? Imagine those wrappers where thrown not in the trash cans but in open places? When rainy season comes, these wrappers will be carried by the water to water ways, drainage and rivers and would eventually cause clogs and floods.

Be a real Filipino who thinks of the Philippines. Be responsible at least for the little acts that can save our nature and save our future.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

This is One Good Solution that I See Would Be Functioning...

Honestly, all of us are complaining for inflation, or shall we say, in vernacular terms, "increasing prices". But what does make the prices of almost everything go up? Why do we have to suffer so many consequences of rising prices? The answer is simple: We Deserve It!
The protests say it loud already...

But what really makes prices go up? Honestly, this is very technocal and more on analysis of the basics and complications of economics but believe me if I say it has to do with one very strong factor. I don't know if you have an idea by now what is this BIG FACTOR. All I know is, everyone is aware of it.. Yes, I remember my university days as "Iska" (mostly, only my fellow Isko and Iska understand this and I wont elaborate here what this means unless you are too curious and ask me to email you for the word's meaning) where we have this economics subject analysing supply and demand and all that stuffs giving rise to this and fall to that. However, there is only one answer: THE OIL! Yes, with oil, the world has become mad, has become too greedy, get involve in war, has weakened, has progressed, has risen to power or anything else. Oild cause many things to the world's existence, thus, a little movememnet in oil prices, moves the hell out of all the goods' prices.

Why am I discussing this? Isn't it obvious that we Filipinos is still sufferring from poverty? I know the rest of the world is complaining about oil prices too but let me focus on the Philippine situation for this is where this blog belongs. Expenxive oil = expensive prices. Expensive prices = inflation. Inflation = lesser purchasing power of money. Lesser purchasing power of money = getting poor. Getting poor now, tomorrow, the next week and so on = poverty. Yes, POVERTY! Poverty results to crime! POVERTY RESULTS TO CRIME! And crime results to greater poverty. And so on and so on.
How obvious the situation is... Poverty at its peak in Philippines...

I even rememebr the government having this summer program to lessen the number of office days simply to lessen the energy consumption in the offices. I was aware of this when I was sill back in the Philippines and the days of works has became Monday - Thurday, ommitting the Friday for the sake of "belt tightening" (I forgot the real term Macapagal used for it). However, this only happens in summer and during June-March, the regular working hours resume. I do not have any idea if this was indeed successful or simply made the workers enjoy their vacation and advantageous to thos lazy butts.. I just don't have evidence against it.

What I am tryin to suggest here is to lessen the use of oil. We have to admit that the roads in the Philippines are full of vehicles already. We have to admit from time to time we have the protests about oil. Why not make a long-term solution about it? Encourage an alternative then. Something that doesnt use oil! Yes, that is definitely my suggestion. If we can make skyways and rails, for sure we can make this project as well, and I do not think this entails a lot of money than those being pocketed by beefy and steeling and grafting politicians out there..
Protests are useless without suggesting a solution...

I have seen the bicycle culture around here in Europe and I see its potential if encouraged in the Philippines. I know for now that we do not have the culture of bicycle in the Philippines because everyone is complaining that it is "MAINIT" (HOT). Indeed it is! And my complain? NOT the HEAT but the Unhealthy Road side and UNSFAE Roadsides! There is just no place for bicylces!

What I am trying to push here is, the amount of oild consumed would be really diminished plus, the traffic would at least lessen in the main road when many shift biking instead of taking a taxi for short distances or taking a jeepney. It is a healthy act as well. However, this cannot be done without the government's mercy, or as long as the congress members receive payouts from oil companies or shall we say kickbacks?

The government needs to have the following and do and implement the following before this dream be true:

1. Make a cycle paths, either beside the road or in a different places as long as it can access like the roads.

2. Prohibit honking of cars to not make the cylists/cyclers not go deaf in their everyday life because of "bastos" (impolite) hoking-to-death vehicle drivers.

3. The cylce path must have at least roofs/covers or have trees alongside to prevent the HEAT which more "maarte" Pinoys always complain about.

4. Truly screen vehicles for the emissions they have to protect the health of the cyclers.

5. Encourage the cycling industry. Give incentives to bike makers, incentives to cyclers, make cars more expensive and cycles very cheap.

6. Provide cycle parks in offices adn other places.

7. Encourage. Encourage. Encourage and LEAD!
See those very useful bikes...

Now I make my points here. This also cannot succeed without the participation of the public but government is in power to make the actions. Advertisements..yes, advertisements in various media always help. Be a model, let politician cycle and its followers will do the same. Let an actor or two cycle their way to shooting setting or studio and I am sure many will follow! This act is healthy Dude!

Bicycles here in Europe is a culture. Especially where I live. It is sometimes funny to see in my everyday life here that a military corporal in uniform is just cycling his way around... or an executive in perfectly elegant coat n tie cycle around with another executive riding behind him in the same bike.. Women in elegant skirts, dresses cycling their way to health and beauty!
..and more biky solution....

It is possible. I know not in all parts of the country but at least in cities. I know it is. Cities are flat and if the government is serious about it, it can be done. I am dreaming to cycle our way to health, poverty alleviation and progress!

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Big Difference: Why Filipinos Are Mostly in Debt?

What is the minimum salary in Philippines for a university graduate? The answer would depend on so many things: where you graduated; what profession or degree; where you are having a job. What can you afford as newly graduate? As a neophyte? As a newbie? As a freshperson? A cheaply paid job that is more often than not an insult to your education and effort to finish... or is it? I have to admit it really depends on which one you are: overqualified, underqualified or unidentified. I also have o admit that diplomas are rebuttable as the quality of education all over the country is not the same: others are superior while others, let's admit is, are... well you know what I mean, right?

The topic that I have had with someone last weekend it the poverty in Philippines. This person told me that television is sucking each and every soul of Filipinos. Why? Because of the commercials: buy this car, buy this phone, this TV brand, all the appliances and electronic gadgets you can think of. The truth is, how much does it cost? Say the cellular phone is around Php 10,000 (majority of and you bought it. If you are a newly grad, do you think you can still live for the remaining days of the month after you bought the phone? Say your gross income for the month (an even bigger estimate compare to average) is Php 15, 000, you still have Php 5,000 left. But the truth is, you still have to pay taxes and it's around Php 750. You are left with Php 4,250. Are you renting a place? Are you sharing expenses with parents? Are you buying load for that phone you bought? Are you eating at all? Are you commuting for work? In short, it is very difficult to live with such salary if one has to buy a gadget. Or an electronic appliance for that matter: television set, DVD player, sterio, MP3 player, washing machine and all these things. Add the fact that you have siblings to spend for.

What I am saying is, Filipinos has the same aspirations in terms of material stuffs as western people do. But is the income the same? Television has redefined what is a need and what is luxury: all that is advertised in TV now is somewhat a "NEED". And that is bad. People are having debts just to buy these gadgets... is it good? It is good if you don't get buried in debts which happens usually. It is good if you are not thinking of your future and save for yourself. Why? I have to tell you that you are not 100% healthy all the time. Do you have health insurance? Do you have dental insurance? These things? Think about your future. gadgets only cause you to spend more. Buy the necessary, not the poshy that you don't actually use those functions as I know people can ever hardly use the call function there. Phones are mostly use to brag and that is not so good.

Mind you, here in Netherlands, regular salary, the basic, the lowest salary for a newly graduate is €1,700. And how much is the price of a mobile phone? A colored, with camera, with radio phone can cost as low as €30 and that has a €15 load in it already. Now do you see the difference? The percentage to gross salary in Philippines versus here in Netherlands is 0.0176 % versus 66.67%. Now do you see? Save for your lives, these gadgets can be stolen, lost and even not be properly used. Bragging and making the gadget as a social symbol is a shame. Build your future instead!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Citibank America Caller in Philippines

I got that audio file from a friend in Philippines. Yes, that’s the Citibank of America client who was airing her disappointment and she obviously DESPISES Philippines.

She talked the straightest Filipino though and of course she is Filipina (I believe strongly).

I wish to upload the audio file here so that you can hear as well and I would like to solicit opinions about it from all other fellow Filipinos. Also those who can understand the Filipino language but are not Filipinos are as well welcome to share their views.

As per my own opinion, I nether side with that caller nor go against her. She has reasons for reacting so. She has her deep … I can even say VERY deep reasons for alleging that ALL Filipinos are either corrupt or prostitutes/sluts. Can you imagine that? I would like to know what are the reasons behind those deep hatred… And if I would discover, maybe I can understand her better. For all Filipinos reading and who might have heard, your fair opinion, if you share here, would be highly regarded.