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Sunday, April 5, 2009

This is One Good Solution that I See Would Be Functioning...

Honestly, all of us are complaining for inflation, or shall we say, in vernacular terms, "increasing prices". But what does make the prices of almost everything go up? Why do we have to suffer so many consequences of rising prices? The answer is simple: We Deserve It!
The protests say it loud already...

But what really makes prices go up? Honestly, this is very technocal and more on analysis of the basics and complications of economics but believe me if I say it has to do with one very strong factor. I don't know if you have an idea by now what is this BIG FACTOR. All I know is, everyone is aware of it.. Yes, I remember my university days as "Iska" (mostly, only my fellow Isko and Iska understand this and I wont elaborate here what this means unless you are too curious and ask me to email you for the word's meaning) where we have this economics subject analysing supply and demand and all that stuffs giving rise to this and fall to that. However, there is only one answer: THE OIL! Yes, with oil, the world has become mad, has become too greedy, get involve in war, has weakened, has progressed, has risen to power or anything else. Oild cause many things to the world's existence, thus, a little movememnet in oil prices, moves the hell out of all the goods' prices.

Why am I discussing this? Isn't it obvious that we Filipinos is still sufferring from poverty? I know the rest of the world is complaining about oil prices too but let me focus on the Philippine situation for this is where this blog belongs. Expenxive oil = expensive prices. Expensive prices = inflation. Inflation = lesser purchasing power of money. Lesser purchasing power of money = getting poor. Getting poor now, tomorrow, the next week and so on = poverty. Yes, POVERTY! Poverty results to crime! POVERTY RESULTS TO CRIME! And crime results to greater poverty. And so on and so on.
How obvious the situation is... Poverty at its peak in Philippines...

I even rememebr the government having this summer program to lessen the number of office days simply to lessen the energy consumption in the offices. I was aware of this when I was sill back in the Philippines and the days of works has became Monday - Thurday, ommitting the Friday for the sake of "belt tightening" (I forgot the real term Macapagal used for it). However, this only happens in summer and during June-March, the regular working hours resume. I do not have any idea if this was indeed successful or simply made the workers enjoy their vacation and advantageous to thos lazy butts.. I just don't have evidence against it.

What I am tryin to suggest here is to lessen the use of oil. We have to admit that the roads in the Philippines are full of vehicles already. We have to admit from time to time we have the protests about oil. Why not make a long-term solution about it? Encourage an alternative then. Something that doesnt use oil! Yes, that is definitely my suggestion. If we can make skyways and rails, for sure we can make this project as well, and I do not think this entails a lot of money than those being pocketed by beefy and steeling and grafting politicians out there..
Protests are useless without suggesting a solution...

I have seen the bicycle culture around here in Europe and I see its potential if encouraged in the Philippines. I know for now that we do not have the culture of bicycle in the Philippines because everyone is complaining that it is "MAINIT" (HOT). Indeed it is! And my complain? NOT the HEAT but the Unhealthy Road side and UNSFAE Roadsides! There is just no place for bicylces!

What I am trying to push here is, the amount of oild consumed would be really diminished plus, the traffic would at least lessen in the main road when many shift biking instead of taking a taxi for short distances or taking a jeepney. It is a healthy act as well. However, this cannot be done without the government's mercy, or as long as the congress members receive payouts from oil companies or shall we say kickbacks?

The government needs to have the following and do and implement the following before this dream be true:

1. Make a cycle paths, either beside the road or in a different places as long as it can access like the roads.

2. Prohibit honking of cars to not make the cylists/cyclers not go deaf in their everyday life because of "bastos" (impolite) hoking-to-death vehicle drivers.

3. The cylce path must have at least roofs/covers or have trees alongside to prevent the HEAT which more "maarte" Pinoys always complain about.

4. Truly screen vehicles for the emissions they have to protect the health of the cyclers.

5. Encourage the cycling industry. Give incentives to bike makers, incentives to cyclers, make cars more expensive and cycles very cheap.

6. Provide cycle parks in offices adn other places.

7. Encourage. Encourage. Encourage and LEAD!
See those very useful bikes...

Now I make my points here. This also cannot succeed without the participation of the public but government is in power to make the actions. Advertisements..yes, advertisements in various media always help. Be a model, let politician cycle and its followers will do the same. Let an actor or two cycle their way to shooting setting or studio and I am sure many will follow! This act is healthy Dude!

Bicycles here in Europe is a culture. Especially where I live. It is sometimes funny to see in my everyday life here that a military corporal in uniform is just cycling his way around... or an executive in perfectly elegant coat n tie cycle around with another executive riding behind him in the same bike.. Women in elegant skirts, dresses cycling their way to health and beauty!
..and more biky solution....

It is possible. I know not in all parts of the country but at least in cities. I know it is. Cities are flat and if the government is serious about it, it can be done. I am dreaming to cycle our way to health, poverty alleviation and progress!


  1. With the gas prices going up, bike is the only solution, i guess. Maganda yan, less pa sa pollution diba? You think it is possible here in the Philippines -- to use bikes just like any other country? I'm trying to picture it out and i think it would be nice.

  2. not only in the PI but the world is dome because of the increases of gas everyday...

  3. I've added ur 3 blogs in my blogroll, Sis. Fyi.

    Happy weekend!

  4. @Lynn,
    Actually, the problem in the Philippines is, it is NOT that flat. Plus, it is kinda "mainit" daw and we all know that people want to have fairer skin back there. Plus, we have half a year rainy season, that is why I do suggest, na sana, we have the roofy thing at least whether it is sunny or rainy, we Filipinos wont have excuse to use bikes... I don't see any reason why we cannot make this successful if we want to..actually as i see it, we need to! BTW, I have added your blog as well already. TY Lynn..

    Yes, that is why we have to make action.. I have acknowledge this world problem in this post as well. ^^

    No problem.

  5. wow i cant believe this ilove phil kaw ba yan??? wheeh nakakatuwa i thought you delete yoyr blog na and forgot blogging already im happy that youre back i put your link in my roll already
    so that i can make a vosot here as what i did before have a great blogging day

  6. Yikes... may ibang maaarte lang talaga that they want na di gustong umitim.. kasi daw when your white ur pretty??? hmmm i don't think so.. there are hundreds of ppl who don't look good pero they were just because they are white.. in fairness effective din ha if your white.. it attracts so many suitors...

    as for your comment: yes, i've watched tomb raider and dead or alive and even played them on video games before.. hahahaha...

    i can't wait for them to make a movie out of that video game.

    got you some award on my page CLICK IT HERE

  7. Hello Sis!

    Here to thank u for the add. Dropped an EC too. Take care!

  8. I think the bike is a good idea. It makes people in the Philippines physically fit and save money.

  9. hello i love phil just dropping by to check whats new here
    its nice to be back here at your site
    have a great blogging day;)

  10. @ Blue,
    Nakakatuwa ka naman Bro! ANg bait mong pagkabata! (You are very congenial Bro, you are a very good kiddo!). Hmmm, I am back here. I ahve two new domains as well. ^^

    The oil, since the raw materials and resources are not getting much it will surely be expensive in the longrun. Believe me.

    Beauty is relative. I hate having fair skin actually. I prefer choco brown for myself, so it is a matter of outlook. We in the Ph are so provincial thinking that white is beautiful... i dont like it.

    @@ Lynn,ùHi SIs!

    You are correct there Mich.

    @Blue again,
    I post only around once a week. Got to work plus two more sites which are a bot commercialized is not easy Bro. ^^ Thank you anyway, I make it a way to check yours too. Was there and i love your post on your firsts... very good idea for a post.

  11. Well we must admit it we are now suffering a crisis here in philippines the huge prize of oil really affects our economy and i believe that this crisis was experienced even in other country
    well i agree in you we must lessen the use of oil we must set aside the things that we just want and focus on the thing that we need there wont be any change if we will just criticise the government instead of doing this rallies we must focus on developing our selves and as they say a counrty rerflects on its citizen the chage must come first to our selves and the rest will follow


  12. I agree with poor prince. If we complain and complain but don't do anything, change will never happen...

  13. I love your blog and am so glad that I stopped by. It sounds like things are tough there. You have my best wishes!

  14. You are 100 per cent right here. Like China is also getting polluted because of all the new cars on the road. Bikes keep you healthy and fit as well as care for the Environment and also are much cheaper..one solution to poverty.

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  16. Peeping here too, Sis. Enjoy the week ahead!

  17. sadly, poverty occurs in other countries as well.

    thanks for your visit and your comment on my blog.

  18. Well Poverty here in cebu is not that big anymore since the creation of our mayor's job system

  19. hi ilove phil just dropping by here agin have a great blogging day
    by the way i just want to invite you in my other blog
    hope you like it have great day see yah

  20. rogue thanks your one of the people who appreciated my teeth.. hahaha... really flattered girl...

    the picture on the wall is his sister who died during the mall tradegy at Salt Lake City, Utah..

    it was horrible because as it is a peaceful county yet, a teenager was shooting people inside the mall and then one of the victim was his sister, she was dead now, her younger sister diay.. that happened last feb. 12, 2007

  21. I am not sure I agree that we deserve it. A lot of it is the doing of the governments that think in just political terms. Most of our govt leaders do not have the vision or the knowledge to do what is right.

    I am happy this time the nobel committee has picked Krugman for the economics nobel. Now here is a guy with impeccable credentials. He predicted a lot of the things happenning today and I just hope governments learn to listen to such people.

  22. we are all stuck with unimaginative leaders. So yes at least the common man has to use some common sense. I totally agree with you that we need to put measures in place to curb the use of oil.....and as you have outlined just a few simple steps will do it.

  23. what an interesting post to read, thanks for bringing it up :)

  24. Very interesting post I have read, hope you would give us some more post like that.
    Thanks for sharing.


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