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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Transferring My Blogs!

This blog remains but see me at my new home aside from this... Click below...

Monday, April 7, 2008

A Sad Reality

As I walked the old pavements of preserved Italian edifices and structures in Milano and Torino in Italy, I have seen much of my fello Filipinos. Actually, when I tried to have a burger from McDonalds, most crews were Pinoys. The diners were also Asians and mostly Filipinos. Moreover, this fast food chain here is known to pay lesser compared to others.

I feel sad to think that most fellow countrymen I have seen are living at the minimum expense possible. It is obviously seen on how they dress, what they do or work and as I have larned, they mostly work as nannies, grape harvesters, house cleaners, among others. I have nothing against these works for I too can do these if circumstances call. These are works that feed many mouths and spoil many family members back in the Philippines. Yes! Family members who have their mother or father or brother or sister abroad are so proud and, we have to admit the fact, braggart!

I hope those who have household members in abroad would realize that their relatives or parents are not on vacation. I hope they would realize that even earning 1000 euros in Europe is just enough to live here too. I do hope they realize that a Euro is at least 60 pesos but they should also consider that a meal in Europe costs at 10 euros too! Indeed this country is rich or European countries are rich for that matter. But it is a necessity for them. To be rich means to not die here in cold and hunger for all are proportionately expensive.

To those people there who brags about their relatives abroad, think before you brag what diffculties your falilies are doing. Earning 500 euros may seem to be big for you but you have to know that 500 is only to rent a place here!

The lesson? DO not abuse the time that you have a relative out there. Take the opportunity. Study and graduate as soon as possible and be responsible yourself without relying to anyone to feed you and support your bratness!