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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Money is Not Enough

Money is not the sole determinant if a country is progressive or not. I know that Philippines have a cnsiderable amount of money when we talk about this thing. But who has it? Only few rich individuals and greedy power holders in the country. The masses are poor and do not enjoy any right to live but only exist for "survival". Even here in Europe, cars are much but most are cars of the masses, where the majority can afford. In Philippines, expensive cars are much but I wonder if the owners really owned the money that he/she used to buy one. It is not a new story that a Filipino politician has at least three cars...well, needs the car for the body guards... (and maybe for the goons?).

Only the rich enjoy life (in the Philippines), an airconditioned means of transport where they don't breath in the smoke and pollution that is rampant on all the country's roads. Is this the reason why the thick smoke belching old cars and jeepneys are not reprimanded? Because the policy makers don't smell and feel anything? After all they are inside their glassed and air conditioned cars, right?

Money is not enough. The present generation must also invest for the country of their future descendants, so they will have a better place to live. Please think about this, Congressman!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A "Bagong Bayani" for Me

" Walk This Way "  This phrase (or a sentence) is related to the activities of a true Filipino heart in the person of Mr. Carlos Celdran .

If I would identify modern heroes, Celdran would be one and would not only qualify as a candidate but a winner!. I don't personally know this person and he does not know me as well. However, I was once a participant of a chinatown tour in Binondo with His " Walk This Way "  and I have 
appreciated his efforts so much.  To be honest, that certain tour that  we had was free and we only donated little amounts for his time and effort.

Even though what I had was a very short encounter with Mr. Celdran , I felt his concern for his nation in a small but in a very BIG way (I don't know how you can comprehend this paradox though!). I was attentively listening to Carlos' explanations and tour discussions during the tour and sometimes overheard his chit-chats with the foreign tourists in the group. Moreover, it is obvious in his blog how he wants to make Manila a better place to live in and a "better sounding" word for people around the world. Or at least, as I remeber the phrase he said: "If you can't change the way how Manila is, change the way how people look at it.". But maybe I am simply too pessimistic to totally believe in him.... But I have to admit that he has a point! In short, I see his efforts how to make the Philippines be an icon in the map again and how he act positively despite the current situation in the country. He is a very brilliant man with a very BIG heart for the Filipinos and most of all APATHY is the word that can never be related to this tough guy. All I can conclude now is it's really best to Walk This Way .

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Philippines: Country of Modern Oppression and Slavery?

No statistics, no readings, no written basis, plain observation. This is what I am writing now. I am currently in a European country and I have been why this country is so much rich and Philippines is so poor? You can tell I am a little crazy comparing the two despite the obvious. But we should also know what is benchmarking and standard. If your benchmark in determining the poorness or betterness of a country is compared to a worse one, naturally this poor country will be full of exhilirating success over the other. But compoare it with the better one and we will see. The model or benchmark must be "better" so that improvements will be achieved.

I see how people work in the Philippines: like carabaos tilling the soil under the sun. I have experienced the same and even my previous boss earning millions in a year, i know how he have sacrificed the time with the family to have this success. Here, I have went to the police office to get my permit to stay and I just got lucky to have it for two visits while others wait months, if not years to have it. Why? Because the office opens during Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays only. One more cache: They open from ten to one only. One more thing: They value themselves much more than the foreigners or immigrants.

Why di I think us Filipinos are considered as slaves? Ayala Avenue is the richest of all the streets in the Philippines. But try asking the rank and file employees of how they work, how they are valued at work and how satisfied they are. I have an idea what the answer is. But why is this so? Why is this seem to be the culture and the imposed rule though this is not right? Why do Filipinos have to work at least ten hours a day, sacrifice the families, be tired like carabaos under the sun, be opressed and still be very poor? Is the Labor Code functional in this country?

Is it correct to reason out that the boss has gone through the same process? That the boss has been enslaved before he or she reached the position? But how can the country go in progress if this is the case? Work and work without value? How people be efficient if overworked? How can be efficient if have problems with family since most of his or her time is concentrated at work? It makes me remember what a special woman has told me upon seeing calamities in poor countries flashed over the news here in Italy: "Where there is already wet, the rain continues to fall"... She was referring that the poor countrys have difficulties getting better for the fact that poverty causes crime, which causes another crime and so on.

I see here how Italians value themselves. They have the most varied and abundant of food supply in the table but still want to improve their lives. The establishments are closed at lunchtime, locked and no workers are allowed inside because this is considered as the important time to replenish the energy, to have relaxing lunch. The same is so on sundays and also during the night. Work unions are strong.

I am aware that it is still very far to reach the status of being rich in Philippines. It is not correct that the country be rich to the extent that it will be a communist country simply to achieve this goal. It is also important that people are satisfied and happy and with freedom and exercise their rights without inhibition. I am having big hopes for this to happen in the Philippines, when Filipinos be free but I do not really know when will it happen.

Monday, January 28, 2008

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Making Babies

One colleague at work that I used to have asked me when I would have a little "Me". This question have strongly struck me. This is because I am with a special someone with me but I don't have any idea how to have a child. Yes, it is a simple process TO HAVE one as we all know how but to "RAISE" one is another BIG story. I have grown up in the Philippines and I have seen how millions of children suffer with the irresponsibilities of the parents. To be honest, I am counted as one (but this is another 23 years of story to tell!). Why I say that majority of the Filipino parents are irresponsible? To the Filipino children out there working for the whole family, you need not think twice about this question especially if you are the family's breadwinner. I am about to write another topic on Filipino Parents' Irresponsibilities for I have been dying to write about this. To have a brief view, I have some overview on the number of street and homeless children in the country (Philippines) in Is it the Creator's Fault Why the Philippines is Poor?.

Back to the story, when will I have a child? In few years when I am ready to have one and when I am aware of my responsibilities and duties for my child and when I am ready to give him a life far from the majority of Filipino children. Very far from what I have experienced and observed; the deprived children; the children who have parents abroad for work; children with parents that are absent and children who have parents only in the sense of the word but never in deed.

I was reading an article about Parental Rights and Responsibilities on a U.K government site and I feel how difficult it is to have one child.

"Having parental responsibility means that you have the right to make important decisions about your child's life in areas like medical treatment and education. But it also means that you have responsibilities. You have a duty to care for and protect the child." I have read further about parental responsibilites and whichever site I go, it states the same thing. Also this page states the same thing. Here in Europe, I see how lawmakers make it a great deal to have safety measures on the well being of children. I can say this is one reason why this continent is more "better off" than the rest for its policies, beginning from childhood nurturing of its inhabitants. I have read so in this Helpful Section for E.U Parents.

To raise one child here in Europe means giving up the mother's life. I have never believed this thing until I saw and experienced it here. These responsibilities might be difficult for parents but this is what we can call "Pay It Forward" because everyone had a mother and had been given the same treatment before. Now I see the meaning of Jose Rizal's belief that the youth is the future of the nation. It does not mean a troubled youth but a nurtured youth. The youth who were given proper parental, societal, educational and spiritual guidance. A youth who have responsible parent, in which I am not ready to be ONE. In four to five years, I am sure I would be!

Is it the Creator's Fault Why the Philippines is Poor?

Tropically Perfect
When I was still in my primary school and with my young age, the lesson of my teacher was that Philippines is almost perfect. She told me and my classmates that it is located in the tropical region where there is the sunduring the day and turns dark during the night; That the temperature in neither too hot not too cold; That our country is not the same with other countries that have much daylight during summer and much night hours during the winter season. She had also discussed on how rich the natural resources of the country is.

Despite the above teachings, many of my classmates were still dreaming to experience the snow. Many were still dreaming about the America (Europe is not that popular in the Philippines compared to the U.S of A.). But to tell the truth, I never dreamt the same thing as my classmates had. I have always loved the sun and even love it more when I am sweating under its shine. Maybe it is beacuse I never worked hard under the sun.... but maybe not.

I am currently in Europe and in fact, in the hottest part of Europe when winter strikes. Even with this, I still don't like this cold. For me, Philippines and other tropical countries have the perfect climate and weather conditions. At least for me who have experienced both the "colds" and the 'hots" as we may see.

Europe Needs to Be "Rich"

Why is this the title I gave? I have been thinking about this fact. Since Philippines have moderate temperatures, there is no much needs to survive. I have observed that here in Europe, if people do not have money to have woolen clothes and thick jackets, they would die on the streets. In Philippines, thousands are sleeping in the sidewalks of the cities, the homeless and the mentally challenged plus the "batang kalye"or street children. Europe and other cold countries have a need to be rich, have a need to have brick layered houses, have a need to warm the house to not get sick and die.

As the title says, I can conclude that due to the fact that Filipinos do not need much to "survive", they get contented and simply "survive". After all, Filipinos can still live without much clothing and shelter. It can be attributed to location why we (Filipinos) are poor. Do you agree? People here in Europe help each other or i may say implement laws to let their fellows survive. Try to see this European Rights System. Of course there are other factors like the ones in Why the Philippines is Poor

Basically Basic
As Maslow have explained in his Hierarchy of Needs Theory, higher needs in the hierarchy only come into focus when the lower needs in the pyramid are satisfied. It is true that no one can have safety, love/belonging, esteem and self actualization without satisfying the physiological needs first. Say this example, a young teen-ager couple eloped and had a child. Since they have no work and source of income, the two become impatient of each other, feel irritated of almost everything and eventually have splitted up. The child has no food because neither of the parents 
have moeny. He begged on the streets while the parents individually sorted to any crime or illegal 
activities to survive. Yes, who can think of love (the long run and real love) if one has a painful hungry stomach? This is true in Philippines, Filipinos are loving, I am sure. But with poverty, crime has risen to its top level. One problem causes another, thus, poverty causes much!

Not Even the Basic
Shall we say that we (Filipinos) may have at least the basic of the needs to live and not merely to "survive". We see what is called the "basic". Basic needs are comprised of Excretion, Eating, Sex, Drinking, Sleeping, Shelter, and Warmth. See this Representation on Maslow's Theory.

It seems that even these basic needs Filipinos are not given the minimum right to have. For excretion, how many people are doing it on the seas? Why there are fecal matters in the streets of the slums? Even in the white sad beach in an island (when I had island hopping with colleagues) there are fecal matters floating in the waters? For sure the basic need of excretion is not satified in the Philippines. I am talking here both in the urban and rural areas, especially those slum living under bridges and near the seas. Yes, this is true for some concerned people and organizations are alerted by this dirty situation. I quote here the content of the Wastewater and Sanitation program in the Philippines , giving proof that what i am saying is true.

"The Ecosan project aims to provide proper sanitation to those who do not have access to proper sanitation. These are the poorest of the poor who could not even afford to put up their own toilet. These are the people who either used their neighbor’s toilet or defecate in the open fields or open water/sea."

To be honest, among the seven basic needs mentioned, only two are accessible to Filipinos. Sex and sleeping. Although I can tell I have nothing to cite here on sex matters, it is obvious considering the population in the country. In fact, this has become a problem than a need! When Filipinos don't know how to have birth control! For sleeping, at least everyone has it. We have the "Filipino Time" (always late) and this is usually caused by sleeping more and waking up late. Even in the sidewalks, street children and homeless individuals sleep so this one, Filipinos can have enough.

For the rest of the needs, there is not enough. Food and eating is not an easy thing in the Philippines. There are pleadings for hunger and starvation like in this article found in the Asian Human Rights Commission. Moreover, the access to clean and drinkable water system in the country is getting worse. There are waters yes, but mostly, the people's safety is at stake! Even Filipinos are already alarmed by this situation. There is a forum on a government site about the Scarcity of Clean Water in Philippines.

Even in 1999, there were already many thousands of homeless individuals. Street children are also among these homeless.In Around ten years ago, here were already more then 220,000 homeless children in the country's 65 major cities, with more than half in Metro Manila. Most of the children have been forced to try to supplement the family income by begging, peddling goods or doing odd jobs. Samonte said the figure is certain to grow. For mor info about this, read this Article. With this, I can say that warmth and shelter are very far to be achieved in the Philippines by common Filipinos.

With these, I say it's the fact the the Creator has made the Philippines in the tropics. If not, street children and homeless men and women would not exist. They would die of either too much cold if Philipines is in Europe. But how about you? What do you think about this?

Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Saucy Pasta Day

At Pranzo or lunch today, my special someone and I prepared our traditional pasta with thick tomato sauce. This is the original recipe of mamma who has stayed with her restaurant in the city for at least six years when she was still young. Everytime mamma prepares this sauce, I can smell the delicious taste of the upcoming lunch. And yes, Italians are fund of these thick tomato sauces and you will have a look how it is done. I'm gonna share with you my lunch preparation for today.

Step One: Prepare the beef cuts. I prefer the one with bones but with thick meat around. It is around 2 inches by 3 inches in dimension. Please don't tell it's a bit big because it would shrink later.

Step Two: Saute the thawed beef cuts into oil (we use olive here) and sliced onion. To add more taste, you may add a vinegar to make it more sour. We uses Aceto Balsamico but this is optional. Let the outer side (exposed portion) of the meat go brown by flipping the cuts from time to time while sauteing.

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Step Three : When all the beef go brown, add the tomato sauce diluted in water. (The photo shows the vinegar brand and the tomatoe sauce we used. The bottle of sauce can be used twice or thrice depending on the amount of sauce to be made).

Step Four: Let the sauce boil and thicken. At start, the boiler is eighty five (85%) percent full but when it is ready, only around ten percent (10%) filled. See the photos.

Step Five: At the meantime, prepare the table. Don't forget the wine and fruits of course. The table napkins and cuttleries must be ready. So are the glasses and plates.

Step Six: When the sauce is fifteen minutes away to finish, boil the water for pasta. Today we used Rigatoni. You may use your preferred brand and kind of pasta. For me, Fussili is the best and we always buy the Barilla brand.

Step Seven: When the water is boiling, put the salt and the pasta to reach the "al dente" (to the tooth) point. At the same time the pasta is cooked, the sauce is also ready. However, while waiting for the pasta and the sauce, prepare the formaggio (cheese). It must be grated.

Step Eight: When all are cooked, drain the pasta, put in the plate, put the sauce, sprinkle with cheese, then, the layer of sauce again. Leave the meat for "Anti-pasto"or the second course. It is eaten after the pasta. Fill the glasses with wine and "Salute" (cheers).. Mangiamo! (Let's eat!)

There Is No Such Thing As "Free Lunch"

I remember this line in my accounting book back in college. This means that everything has a cost. No one can expect a free thing in this world. Even things that seem so free and are at our disposal, without us knowing it, it has a cost. The cost may not be monetary in nature but you have to give up something to have it. Say for example sleeping. Indeed it is free to sleep and we do not pay ourselves to sleep but when we sleep, we have given up time we should have used to do something more productive. It is a little absurd to think about these little things I know. But how about bigger ones? As I have said, it is Piccolla!

The Philippines brags itself as one of the most beautiful countries with lots of natural resources and beautiful places to see. I strongly agree with this one. Indeed there are the chocolate hills, hundreds of beaches in the country and other interesting places. But who knows that these things exist without proper information? How would Europeans know that many things and these are beautiful things that exist in the Philippines without letting them know? There is no much proper information dessimination in the Philippines. With more than seven thousand islands, how do you expect them to know things about the Philippines? They can think to be lost in these numbers of islands. WoW Philippines Site is not enough.

I was shocked when I went to Malaysia and see their promotional materials everywhere and these contain highlights of the places they promote. It's not only how beautiful the place is, words about its beauty must also be spread to let everyone know. To be honest, not all featured places or worth visiting areas promoted in those brochures and leaflets are beautiful but they awaken curiosity and let the people go there, thus bossting the tourism income.Where does the money allotted to tourism go? Hmmmm... deep pockets? Well, who knows? Everyone knows!

Indeed that printed ads are expensive but with proper planning on how these things can be a source of income too (like seeling for a break-even amount), it can give good returns to the country. It is cheap to visit Philippines from Europeans' and Americans'point of view, so why not advertise to them extensively? See some of these articles on feedback about Philippine tourism. By Andrea from Melbourne , By a Proud Filipina , The Beautiful Bohol . All these are found at various reviews made in this Cosmotourist Site

Take this example for Puerto Galera. How tourists reach the place without being worried? Without being hurt by the rough road if travelling from Calapan City? The infrastructure is what Philippines lack aside from information dessimination. Access roads are so narrow if not rough paths/roads. Transportation systems are not regulated giving negative impressions to everyone visiting the place!

How left behind the Philippines is! Who is to blame? The government? The government is not alone without the people. Ask your consciense how many times you have bribed a person in authority before you complain about corruprion. Corruption is a two-way process...So, are you clean? I don't think so!

The Philippine Brain Drain

This is one of the fatal cancers happening in the Philippines aside from graft and corruption. We can say that all the best have ran away to other parts of the world to find better lives. I know it is not easy to be away from home, thus, most of the Filipinos abroad opt to live there, either looking for a better half in the country where he/she works (if single) or if they have families in the Philippines,  they are petitioning and/or sponsoring them to go after. This can be one reason why the country is suffering from too much loss and poverty and Why the Philippines is Poor. But who can be blamed? Even the government itself is promoting people to go abroad! Is it a joke huh! But yes, we even have this "Bagong Bayani" for those overseas Filipino workers, yes, Filipinos call them "Modern Heroes" for serving other countries than serving Philippines.

I have read one of the latest brain drain articles at The Philippine Chess Chronicles highlighting the country's latest loss of remarkable player to Singapore. Take this an an example of the country's "Brain Drain".

I am Counted
Yes, you read it right. I am out of the country. I am here for work because of the dissatisfaction of many things when I was still in the Philippines. I have a bachelor of science degree and even the Filipino people have paid for my education. Yes, I was counted as one of the "Iskolars ng Bayan" (the Nations Scholar) from the University of the Philippines. All right now you can say "Shame on you" to me but I am not alone. You know that! Not only I have this degree but I also have a good, in fact very good qualification as our felow Filipinos may consider, a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) title.

(After I got that scolding and cursing from you) I want to tell how I worked like a carabao in my Makati office. I was given the basic salary plus the fact that the amount of charged overtime was controlled. I worked even in weekends and most of the time, I was still in office at midnight or even at five in the morning. I slept under the table to relax my back from too much sitting and work when I could not hold my tiredness and sleepiness anymore. I ate late lunch when I had to finish something, yes I experienced it. The boss came and told me to finish something and I was eating that time. I never had a choice but to cover my lunch box and start working. See how I worked? And the worse side is, my salary is just enough. Not enough to compensate all the sleepless nights and restless moments that I had.

Now that I am away, I still receive e-mails from my previous co-workers clamouring about their situation. They tell me how lucky I am to have gotten away. Indeed Philippines is poor, not only on the monetary side but the way Filipinos are treated - it is the modern slavery!

Champion in the Brain Drain Contest
Among the Asian countries, Philippines ranks first in the "Brain Drain"tally. Aproximately, there are 730,000 (recently) migrants most of which are having college education. It is not only these days but rooted back since the time of the President Marcos, or even before for accounts of Ilocanos who worked as planters in Hawaii. It has become a major source of dollar for the Philippines growing to the level that there is one among the ten Filipinos are working abroad. Yes, nine million (9,000,000) so far. Daily, there are more than three thousand Filipinos (3, 000) going out to work abroad.

Satisfaction of the Slave

Those who work abroad are all literarate in English. Yes, because they are hired on that basis, to understand and to be understood. Also, to be resourceful and have initiative in work. Filipino seafarers occupy a big part and quantity in cargo ships of the world. Moreover, multinational corporations in the Southeast Asia have got their picks on Filipino professionals for their middle management teams. The worst part of the story is, teachers become domestic helpers or household assistants. Nurses became housemaids and waitresses. Engineers have become construction workers, while tourism graduates has become entertainers and dancers.

Who like to go out and be treated as slave? No one! But the circumstances leading to this fact is very strong, thus poor OFWs suffer. Who is to blame? Not only the government, not only the government officials, it is the whole nation with the wrong mind set. To tell you the truth, it is bad to be enslaved! But how do we stop this? How to stop Filipinos from thinking that progress can only be obtained by being a slave abroad? It is not overnight. Help me think how.   Click here for more info on the "Brain Drain" Issue

Friday, January 25, 2008

Monster in Law is NOT for Me!

Have you seen the movie of Michael Vartan with J. Lo together with Jane Fonda?  See Monster In Law Synopsis and Reviews

Mother -in-laws are often viewed as scary and more often than not, not the "Miss Congeniality" for her son/daughter in-law. But what is really the reason behind this secret dispute between the two groups? This is due to pride from both parties.. or most of the time, only misunderstanding. How can be one mother in law be so rude when the daughter/son in law is so sweet and caring? Patience is a virtue as they say so make a move to conquer your mother in law. Also do not expect the result over night.

My mother in law is very foreign to me. At start, we did not even talk the same language but she was so kind and caring. I was even embarrassed when she washed our clothes! She cooked too good also. Maybe she is simply marvelous but I think I also did my part to be at my best with her. Not only that I adore her and love her but I have a deep sense of respect for her. I hope you feel the same way to yours. Good luck.

Why the Philippines Is Poor?

To be poor is not easy. This one heavy word is caused by a lot of reasons. Among others are fate, geographic location, culture, history, climate and people. With my twenty two years of stay in this country, I have learned a lot. I have also seen alot and experienced a lot. We take these few observations I have.

Geographic Location
With more than 7000 islands floating in the waters of the Pacific Ocean and surrounding seas of the country, it is very difficult to unite the inhabitants. There is a strong regionalism existing among various groups like Ilocanos, Batangenos, Bicolanos, Cebuanos, Ilonggos, among others. It is stronger for a person in Iloilo to consider himself/herself as an Ilonggo than to be considered a Filipino. Moreover, it is difficult to reach the other parts of the country with limited options. A trip from Luzon to Mindanao need either a plane or a ferry. Land travel is impossible.

The Catholic Teaching
Don't get me wrong for I have nothing against the church. In fact I salute the Roman Catholic for its power and continuous leadership. I used to attend Sunday masses when I was in Philippines. I also accompanied my granmother for novenas to various saints and for special occasions. To be honest, my grandmother also did a novena for my examination as a CPA and yes, I passed!

However, with my wide understanding and questioning nature, I have noticed that in all novena guides and preachings in the church's sermon that I have heard, it was all about being poor. "Poor will have easier way to heaven." "Blessed are the poor for they are...blah blah blha..." I don't really know why we have this kind of church teaching. Why? What is wrong with being rich? Is it wrong to have money and be not a liability to the society? Is it wrong not to beg? Is it wrong not to do pick pockets and robbery or to steal for one has enough money? I don't know what is with this poor thing when half the riches of the world are owned by the church!

To teach the majority of Filipinos this way, progress is a blurry image.

Colonial Mentality
Generally, Filipinos ( I am a Filipino) have strong inclination to foreign things. Products of America are highly regarded than Filipino products. Westerns/Caucasians are regarded as a better race. Women in the country are dying to have a fairer skin. People with long and pointed nose are proud and laughs at those with pugged ones. Imports are always better even in the Philippine basketball Association team! Oh my God! I do hate these beliefs and mentality. Women are dying to marry foreign nationals.... any would be all right except to a Filipino. Even he (the caucasian) is eighty years old! Whattalaugh! But this one defines practicality. At least this is a wise choice. But at the same time, there are a lot of lapses in it.

These traits are obviously caused by centuries of colonization in the country. But i don't think this is common attitude for other nations were also colonized and they don't have these traits. Malaysians are very proud to be of Malay race than to be Chinese. In Philippines, people wish they were Chinese!

Filipinos Are Too Wise to Be True!
Yes, there is no question with the mental capabilities of my fellow Filipinos. Bright, brilliant, genius, awesome, you name it, it is Pinoy if it is good! The truth is, there is a thin line between ingenuity and craziness. Have you heard about the recently concluded 2006 Nurse Board Exams? About the Mr. Garcia who was deported in the U.S for changing tags in a store item? I am sure these were all caused by too much knowledge. What do you think?

Local and national leaders are too intelligent. Yes, they can even keep on stealing public funds and get away with it. After all, they are Filipinos. Wise, sly...and what else?

Brain Drain

All the brilliant minds professionals and skilled workers) in the country go to search for a better world and surroundings. Most of all, for a better compensation package. It is very true that the cost of living in the Philippines is very low and is simply proportionate to the income earned by its inhabitants. But how about leisure and travel? Can anyone allow to be only within the country for all his/her life? To not observe the world around? To be contented with what the country offers? The peso needs to be competitive and the salaries of the Filipinos must be raised. At least, the majority can go abroad for travel and see the difference of their beloved Mother country compared to the neighboring Asian countries. In this manner, they would see how a real good life can be if there is discipline and unity. If there is no one throwing garbage in the rivers how beautiful and clean the waters can be... how floods could have been prevented. If the people of the country think of the future and progress.

Sigh.... I am sleepy. I do hope there is a better future for my country. I love Philippines!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Piccola; The Original Title of this Blog

This word means little or small. I know I am a spot in this world, but what makes me important is the love that i give and the love I receive. This blog is all about little things. Little things about me, you, him, her or them. This is a little about everything.

One thing is certain though, all of the earth's element, each one of them, is made up of this little things: dust. Thus, whatever the size if united, it is stronger than the big one which is without unity and coordination. This world needs harmony
The above citation was the original one for this I Love Philippines Too Blog. After few personal posts however, I have realized that there were too many personal blogs already and thus, I shifted this one to a more political rather than any other theme of blog.

I do hope my ideas here can awaken some minds, can clear some things and can broaden some perspective. You are not required to believe what I say here, as I do not believe in everything I read; just have an open mind, that is all what I wish of you as a reader.

Your I Love Philippines Too blogger has not shown any face in this blog so far but you can see her video here which you will have no doubt ask why she sounds so serious in this blog yet SHE is a very jolly individual. That is the mind that works though and the personality cannot really be associated with the mind. Moreover, since the video just referred is of bad quality, the voice of your Philippine Blogger can be clearly heard here.

Welcome to my blog, a blog for all the Philippine Nation, for the Filipino community and for all the world who have interest in my beloved country.

Piccola!, which is now ILovePhilippinesToo