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Monday, January 28, 2008

Blogs Are Hot: Win the Nano iPod!!

I happen to browse around this MoneyBlogger org site as I was continuosly looking and researching around how to improve my blog and a lot of more interesting things like SEO, online traffic and the likes. The featured blog that welcomed me in this site is about winning an iPod Nano. Well, who does not want to win something of value? This raffle winning is available until February 8 and anyone who has a blog can join. Check out the promo instructions here at MoneyBlogger.


  1. hi there :) just wanna thank you for sharing the link to me about the contest :) so nice of you to drop me by the link :)

    good luck to us. I just finished posting my entry for the contest ^__^

  2. Ciao Tessa! Good that you have joined too. The raffle is near. Good luck to us. Take care and you are welcome. ^_^

  3. that's great. love it. the price is worth it. :)


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