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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Making Babies

One colleague at work that I used to have asked me when I would have a little "Me". This question have strongly struck me. This is because I am with a special someone with me but I don't have any idea how to have a child. Yes, it is a simple process TO HAVE one as we all know how but to "RAISE" one is another BIG story. I have grown up in the Philippines and I have seen how millions of children suffer with the irresponsibilities of the parents. To be honest, I am counted as one (but this is another 23 years of story to tell!). Why I say that majority of the Filipino parents are irresponsible? To the Filipino children out there working for the whole family, you need not think twice about this question especially if you are the family's breadwinner. I am about to write another topic on Filipino Parents' Irresponsibilities for I have been dying to write about this. To have a brief view, I have some overview on the number of street and homeless children in the country (Philippines) in Is it the Creator's Fault Why the Philippines is Poor?.

Back to the story, when will I have a child? In few years when I am ready to have one and when I am aware of my responsibilities and duties for my child and when I am ready to give him a life far from the majority of Filipino children. Very far from what I have experienced and observed; the deprived children; the children who have parents abroad for work; children with parents that are absent and children who have parents only in the sense of the word but never in deed.

I was reading an article about Parental Rights and Responsibilities on a U.K government site and I feel how difficult it is to have one child.

"Having parental responsibility means that you have the right to make important decisions about your child's life in areas like medical treatment and education. But it also means that you have responsibilities. You have a duty to care for and protect the child." I have read further about parental responsibilites and whichever site I go, it states the same thing. Also this page states the same thing. Here in Europe, I see how lawmakers make it a great deal to have safety measures on the well being of children. I can say this is one reason why this continent is more "better off" than the rest for its policies, beginning from childhood nurturing of its inhabitants. I have read so in this Helpful Section for E.U Parents.

To raise one child here in Europe means giving up the mother's life. I have never believed this thing until I saw and experienced it here. These responsibilities might be difficult for parents but this is what we can call "Pay It Forward" because everyone had a mother and had been given the same treatment before. Now I see the meaning of Jose Rizal's belief that the youth is the future of the nation. It does not mean a troubled youth but a nurtured youth. The youth who were given proper parental, societal, educational and spiritual guidance. A youth who have responsible parent, in which I am not ready to be ONE. In four to five years, I am sure I would be!

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  1. Homelessness is a problem that definately deserves more attention and resources to help fix the problem. It is especially troubling to see a child born into a world in which he/she does not have a home or a bed to sleep on. We need to find an answer and we need it now!


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