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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Another Good Move That Can Help the Whole Philippine Nation!

Honestly, you can just be left open-mouthed at the simplicity of idea. But before that, I would like to note some things.

First, my country, the Philippines, has this outstanding clamour that its people just go out and work abroad rather than help the country improve.

The overflowing trash...

Second, scholars have been sent out to observe and share their ideas back home to give way to improvements, comparisons and better practices.

Third, I am sharing my ideas what I see from out of Philippine territoty/bounday and I am sharing through blogging for I cannot be personally there to make it happen.

Fourth, even if I am present in the Philippines, who would hear me if I don't have money? Not a politician, not an actress and not the one who can pay people to listen to me? Now this is the problem! We cannot really tell that those scholars do not go back or did not go back! It is also possible that they are/were back in the Philippines full of enthusiams but those ideas were just sprayed with malicious preventions from those who are in power and do not want change. However, it is also possible that those scholars and abroad workers, the creams of the crops, just choose to settle away in order to avoid a lot of disappointments that are currently going on in the Philippines.

How nature and beauty is damaged by these garbages...

What I am driving here? Ideas. Yes, ideas. Ideas are many. I have seen them in my friends back in the university supported by the entre Filipino tax-payers. Yes, the Iskolars ng Bayan (The Nation's Scholars) as they say and I was/am one of these people. I have to apologize however to my countryment for I am not there to burden the sufferings you are currently encountering. Plus, I want to admit that if indeedI was there, as I was a couple of years ago, I was only a slave of a multinational organization making me work 24 hours and draining my brain and body with pleasant thoughts and energy. So what is the difference? Nothing eally much... but in my opinion, much is the difference. I can blog and share my views and really see our own short-comings as Filipinos, admit it, and make move for the change. Moreover, since the value of money here is greater when spent there, a little savings from here can help me help my feelows in need in the future back there.

Back to the "move" I was talking about on top, it actually refers to minimizing the garbage. This is not just plain criticism but I have to admit that the cities in the Philippines are dirty! And so are the provinces, though the latter is not that obvious since they are not as crowded as the cities. One reason? Plastics! Yes, even that alone can constitue a lot of garbage!

Believe it or not, this grocery trolley can contribute hugely more than we realize how much...

Here, where I currenlty stay, plastics in department stores are sold. It is actually ranging from €0.30 - €2.50 depending on the quality and style and usability and durability and a lot more factors. This means, if one just throw his/her plastic bag, another expense would be made if there is another grocery purchase. And that hurts a lot! I mean the buget and the pocket!

What I am sugesting, is, since Filipinos are very difficult to discipline in terms of garbage, why would this plastics be sold instead of being freely given? This way, Filipinos would value these plastics better and not just throw them. A move from the congress making all stores put costs in the plastic bags would be a good "preventive" move to lessen garbage. Can you imagine 90 million individuals throwing at least 1 platic per week? Isn't that disturbing? It can be seen actually during low tide how dirty the seas get and the rivers and creeks are clogged due to garbage. I saw it myself in so many places in the country!

I know what will be the reply to this: A rally of opposition from the masses... but of we think of our future and the ultimate effect, this is for our own good. If you don't want to spend for plastic bags, buy one cloth or real bag for groceries and use it for years! It is just a matter of mind set how people can make situations to their advantage and not just oppose every move for progress everytime.

You dream of a clean environment for your children? So make this happen! Support and do not oppose! Plastics if burned are dangerous and it is really a thing that do not deconspose just on time... it is a very damaging material and we need to prevent the mutiplication of this kind of garbage (or any other garbage in the Philippines for that matter).

They say don't just complain unless you have a better solution. My solutions are set out in this blog and I do hope, people and some policy makers can discover this someday and they just stop dreamy beefy amounts in their pockets and bank accounts!

Please help a clean Philippines, try at least in your part. No littering, proper waste segreaìgating and use of recycled plastics will greatly help.