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Saturday, August 29, 2009

I Love Philippines Too Maintaining a Good Google PR of 3!

This very blog has been gifted with PR of 3 for more than a year already and I am so glad and so proud of it! Can you imagine posting something here and be easily searched or seen and my dream of having my ideas scattered/disseminated and shared all come true? Having or maintaining a constant good Google PR is quite a challenge. I know that as I maintain a lot of blogs, if I count, at least seven more others!

What do I do then? I do my best! With other blogs, I have also PR of 0 and even non-PR'd blogs but mostly, at least they're indexed by Google. How is that? Hard work is always an involved element. If you, he, she, or I is serious enough, you'd be inspired to submit your blogs' or posts' links to web directories. In fact, you need not shell out a cent to do that. There are so many freebies around such as this free web directory that may help us all bloggers promote what we have created and blogged about. But if you are more serious with your site or blog or posts and want to really invest on it, business web directory or directories are available for us.

In fact, this very post would surely be submitted to one of these free directories around to make sure that this very post, like the rest of the posts here will also be indexed by Google and be assigned a proper Page Rank.

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