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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Filipino Readers are More Powerful Citizens and Knowledge is a True Power

Filipinos who read daily are more powerful. Is that true? I cannot argue otherwise. The late Ernie Baron would always say, "Knowledge is Power" and that is not only a slogan or a motto but a reality! When we read, we exercise our brain. When we read often, we will ne exposed to different opinions and we will be able to weigh down these varying arguments and it will enable our brains to formulate and weigh down these information that would eventually allow us to decide wisely on a certain scenario. According to a source, reading "is the mastery of basic cognitive processes to the point where they are automatic so that attention is freed for the analysis of meaning."

Why am I emphasizing this importance in reading? I was browsing for Philippine news when I saw the headline about reading and indeed, it is hightime that FIlipinos try to get more educated. And reading is oneof the best tools to achieve that! Why Filipinos should read? and Read? AND READ even MORE? Knowledge is Power, yes, I repeat, Knowledge is a very strong power in every sense!

1. Reading makes the reader become a better person. If we read, we widen our perspective. We get influenced lesser. Reading exercisesour brain to comprehend something. If we read what is happening, we absorb this information in our brain and it becomespart of us, as if we ourselves experienced what we read. It awakens our imagination and it makes us a person capable of understanding something we ourselves have not experienced in reality yet.

2. Reading allows us to be impartial. Wiser individuals don't decide withour evidence. A wiser individual weighs evidences 1 vs evidence 2. But an even wiser individual would go beyond evidence one and two to even understand what's going on. This person would dig further and see the root of the presented, available and dug evidence to arrive to the best conclusion. And this person usually has the better life of the three!

3. Reading will lead you to your dreams! In Philippines, the horizon of Filipinos can be really very limited. The country itself is like a prison of each own. Crossing another country is not a simple thing to do. Without reading, it's difficult to imagine what's outthere! Through reading, our imagination work. We are exposed to a different world. It gives us the possibility to see beyond what our eyes are laid to. You may say, why not TV? TV is very easy, we see faster, we lose the image faster. It does not exercise our imagination because it's all there: spoken, shown, no more space to dream. With reading, we discover new things, new experience, and from the limited things we knew, reading made us realize there is something more and we are entering a new ray of direction for our lives.

4. It goes without saying: Reading makes us more informed, more intelligent. And once we are itellignet enough, we will realize that the more we know, the more we don't know. And we are at the zeal of having more knowledge...and it never stops... By this time however,  we are better citizens who know better, we would like to improve, and improve and improve and learn and learn further. And who are these people? These people are usually those who constitute the elite of their group, the better informed, the more financially stable. And it actually started by just reading... and reading more!

Simple as it seem, it is not simple to develope. The èarent should devise ways for their children for them to love reading. They should devise ways to make the children love reading. And how? Story books, illustrated children books, work on the child's imagination...not only TV, not only toys! It's not the child alone, the parents themselves have a big part to play. Read and your children will see that reading islovely if you yourself do it!

Reading's an undervalued treasure!