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Friday, January 25, 2008

Monster in Law is NOT for Me!

Have you seen the movie of Michael Vartan with J. Lo together with Jane Fonda?  See Monster In Law Synopsis and Reviews

Mother -in-laws are often viewed as scary and more often than not, not the "Miss Congeniality" for her son/daughter in-law. But what is really the reason behind this secret dispute between the two groups? This is due to pride from both parties.. or most of the time, only misunderstanding. How can be one mother in law be so rude when the daughter/son in law is so sweet and caring? Patience is a virtue as they say so make a move to conquer your mother in law. Also do not expect the result over night.

My mother in law is very foreign to me. At start, we did not even talk the same language but she was so kind and caring. I was even embarrassed when she washed our clothes! She cooked too good also. Maybe she is simply marvelous but I think I also did my part to be at my best with her. Not only that I adore her and love her but I have a deep sense of respect for her. I hope you feel the same way to yours. Good luck.

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