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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A "Bagong Bayani" for Me

" Walk This Way "  This phrase (or a sentence) is related to the activities of a true Filipino heart in the person of Mr. Carlos Celdran .

If I would identify modern heroes, Celdran would be one and would not only qualify as a candidate but a winner!. I don't personally know this person and he does not know me as well. However, I was once a participant of a chinatown tour in Binondo with His " Walk This Way "  and I have 
appreciated his efforts so much.  To be honest, that certain tour that  we had was free and we only donated little amounts for his time and effort.

Even though what I had was a very short encounter with Mr. Celdran , I felt his concern for his nation in a small but in a very BIG way (I don't know how you can comprehend this paradox though!). I was attentively listening to Carlos' explanations and tour discussions during the tour and sometimes overheard his chit-chats with the foreign tourists in the group. Moreover, it is obvious in his blog how he wants to make Manila a better place to live in and a "better sounding" word for people around the world. Or at least, as I remeber the phrase he said: "If you can't change the way how Manila is, change the way how people look at it.". But maybe I am simply too pessimistic to totally believe in him.... But I have to admit that he has a point! In short, I see his efforts how to make the Philippines be an icon in the map again and how he act positively despite the current situation in the country. He is a very brilliant man with a very BIG heart for the Filipinos and most of all APATHY is the word that can never be related to this tough guy. All I can conclude now is it's really best to Walk This Way .


  1. Nagtry na din me magurban trek ng Manila ng mag-isa pero konti lang ang alam ko sa history nito. Tuwing kailan po ba ang sked ng tour? Tnx. Godbless po.

  2. Where's the picture of you, rogue? :))


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