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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Piccola; The Original Title of this Blog

This word means little or small. I know I am a spot in this world, but what makes me important is the love that i give and the love I receive. This blog is all about little things. Little things about me, you, him, her or them. This is a little about everything.

One thing is certain though, all of the earth's element, each one of them, is made up of this little things: dust. Thus, whatever the size if united, it is stronger than the big one which is without unity and coordination. This world needs harmony
The above citation was the original one for this I Love Philippines Too Blog. After few personal posts however, I have realized that there were too many personal blogs already and thus, I shifted this one to a more political rather than any other theme of blog.

I do hope my ideas here can awaken some minds, can clear some things and can broaden some perspective. You are not required to believe what I say here, as I do not believe in everything I read; just have an open mind, that is all what I wish of you as a reader.

Your I Love Philippines Too blogger has not shown any face in this blog so far but you can see her video here which you will have no doubt ask why she sounds so serious in this blog yet SHE is a very jolly individual. That is the mind that works though and the personality cannot really be associated with the mind. Moreover, since the video just referred is of bad quality, the voice of your Philippine Blogger can be clearly heard here.

Welcome to my blog, a blog for all the Philippine Nation, for the Filipino community and for all the world who have interest in my beloved country.

Piccola!, which is now ILovePhilippinesToo

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