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Monday, April 7, 2008

A Sad Reality

As I walked the old pavements of preserved Italian edifices and structures in Milano and Torino in Italy, I have seen much of my fello Filipinos. Actually, when I tried to have a burger from McDonalds, most crews were Pinoys. The diners were also Asians and mostly Filipinos. Moreover, this fast food chain here is known to pay lesser compared to others.

I feel sad to think that most fellow countrymen I have seen are living at the minimum expense possible. It is obviously seen on how they dress, what they do or work and as I have larned, they mostly work as nannies, grape harvesters, house cleaners, among others. I have nothing against these works for I too can do these if circumstances call. These are works that feed many mouths and spoil many family members back in the Philippines. Yes! Family members who have their mother or father or brother or sister abroad are so proud and, we have to admit the fact, braggart!

I hope those who have household members in abroad would realize that their relatives or parents are not on vacation. I hope they would realize that even earning 1000 euros in Europe is just enough to live here too. I do hope they realize that a Euro is at least 60 pesos but they should also consider that a meal in Europe costs at 10 euros too! Indeed this country is rich or European countries are rich for that matter. But it is a necessity for them. To be rich means to not die here in cold and hunger for all are proportionately expensive.

To those people there who brags about their relatives abroad, think before you brag what diffculties your falilies are doing. Earning 500 euros may seem to be big for you but you have to know that 500 is only to rent a place here!

The lesson? DO not abuse the time that you have a relative out there. Take the opportunity. Study and graduate as soon as possible and be responsible yourself without relying to anyone to feed you and support your bratness!


  1. you are right! sometimes siblings and family of OFW thought that life abroad is bed of roses...haay, kayod parin ng kayod!

  2. Well put! I couldn't have said it better...

  3. hooray youre back i love phil
    oh my thats true
    and the worst scenario there was those relatives in the Philippines were acting like theyre powerful they're rich as if there's nothing to worry of something
    but they dont even realized how difficult for those who are in abroad
    to put them on where they are now

  4. hi there :)

    just droppin by to tell you that I have awards for you :)

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    hope you had a great day ^__^

    take care :)

  5. hello there. uhm, i have a tag for you http://lilchinny.blogspot.com/2008/04/i-have-more-people-to-tag.html

  6. lolzness sisz.. it seems that this is ur third post that i read about fams and member abroad issue.. are u a victim..? :-/ *kidding*.. there are really people that are like that.. if they only know how hard it is.. what else can we do..? they are just proud...

    study and graduate...? ur'e ryt.. but that stupid goverment is eating all taxes and money.. leaving phil with only job oppurtunities...

  7. i min few job oppurtunities..

  8. I totally agree with you.Filipinos abroad work so hard to scrubbing toilets and taking care of somebody else's kids just so that they can send money to the family.

    in the mean time their family are eating out on the mall,getting some pedicure and massage.

    I've learned not to lend money to evrybody that asks me coz I'm pretty sure I will never get it back.

  9. Nabalik ka na!

    Mahirap!!! Sobrang hirap!!! Tapos yung ipapadalang pera ay gagamitin lang sa droga o sa iba pa.

  10. Nice post!This is an eye opener for all of us. Keep on sharing! :)

    Btw, I got a Worldwide Link Love tag for you in my blog. Hope you can check it out. Thanks and take care!

  11. Dumaan lang po.Magandang araw.

  12. Hi Mica... Well, only people that have came out of the country has felt this much injustice.... wala naman kasi silang alam... all they know, as long as people are out of the Ph, its better... Tama naman but mali if they abuse by requesting so much financial assistance you know...

    Mica said:
    you are right! sometimes siblings and family of OFW thought that life abroad is bed of roses...haay, kayod parin ng kayod!

  13. hello...
    the thing i can't understand with the filipinos eh yong pagiging masipag nila sa ibang tao, sa ibang bansa but in their own country eh wala naman clang ginagawa(not all filipinos though but most!)... well, cguro dahil na din sa klac ng gobyerno meron tayo...i mean because of the corruption in the government in the society... but we can improve our state naman dba if we want to?

    we can't blame other state minsan kung minamaliit nila tayo kasi 'yon din naman ang pinapakita natin sa kanila. ans tayo mismo minamaliit natin ang sarili natin...have you heard professionals taking care giving vocation, doctors taking nursing course just to go abroad and earn dollars because juan dela cruz don't have that. how can juan dela cruz improve himself now kung wala ng maiiwan sa kanya?

  14. hi there!! you are indeed correct w/ this entry. well, my sister works abroad but my family don't brag (of course naman). i would always tell her to come back home. having her here is priceless, incomparable to her being a million miles away and desperately suffering from home sickness.

    i guess if that happens, we can still make it through the day.. all of us have decent jobs- although it pays averagely- it can still bring us food :) haaay i miss my ate!


  15. I know what you mean. I know from my parents being first generation immigrants what it was like for them here in the early days with low paid jobs.

  16. That's exactly what im telling my family back in the Philippines. That we just don't dig dollars on the ground, we have to work hard to earn them. I usually get upset if my siblings would text me asking for money for just anything, i always get off to them lol.. But when it comes to my mother I always do send some!


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