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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Crazy But It Happens

Complains, clamours, dissatisfaction and a lot of negative things you read here about the Philippines. But as they say, the truth hurts and I usually just write the truth and others get hurt by it. But what can I do? To conquer our fears, we have to face it. Like the problems that we have in our country, to solve any of them, we have to acknowledge that problem's existence.
All I want to say is, I'd be two years out of the Philippines by November and how I wish I can gi back there this time and see how my dear country is. I miss the confusion, my friends and a lot of other things that is Pinoy.

I miss the jeep, I miss the dirt, I miss the noise, I miss the crazy heavy traffic jam! Am I crazy? Maybe it happens to you when you grow 22 years in that country and when you try to go away from practices and beliefs and customs that you later o, when you are at least 18 years of age, discovered to be stinking, lousy and useless practices..


  1. I miss Philippines as well! I miss everything including the smoke belching! I miss my families, relatives, friends and neighbors! I have so many things in my list on what to do where to go and what to eat when I go visit my birth place!

  2. "There is no place like home," is an adage that I truly believed in. We usually miss home when we've been gone for quite a while.

    When we go abroad, we're glad that finally we are free of the shackles that bind us - poverty and misery ; but eventually we come to realize that the joy we have from the simpleness of life here in the Philippines is what makes us really happy and is what really counts.

    Being among faithful friends and loving family members is - after-all - what really counts in this lifetime.

  3. @ Irel and Jena,

    Indeed, you have good points there. Home is only one and we are always connected to it whether we like it or not.

  4. Yep no matter how crocked our country is, we still miss to be there sometimes.. I miss the food especially hehehe..

  5. All you can do is give your honest opinion. There are negative things and positive things in every country. Nobody wants their own country to seem bad, but the truth is better than a lie.

  6. "There is no place like home" is so true, even if your home is not the best place in the world. You grow to love almost any place you stay for awhile. However, if you are very young like between 3-10 you become attached to the place and it feels worse when you leave that place.

  7. 1. What makes a good president for the Philippines
    2. Integrity of the heart – he must have a high accountability and at the foremost to be a righteous leader, with high track record of excellence without blemish or reproach, and with reverend fear of God. Preferably a Christian with high moral principles in obedience to the word of God, seeking divine guidance in his decisions and actions. As no leader is immune to mistakes, he must be willing to accept his mistakes and say the buck stops here, but be flexible to learn from his mistake and bounce back the nation to normalcy. He must nor prevaricate or deceive people to believing lies and must be straightforward, honest and compassionate.He must not be above the Law and be able to execute the law without fear or favor. Example Abraham Lincoln or George Washington
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    5. Father image for the nation – As the Philippines has no monarchy like Thailand or England to unite the nation, as it is regionally diverse in language, politics, religion, traditions and culture, we need a head of the nation with the image of a Father who can unite the nation to follow and obey the president in cases of emergency so that we lessen the squabble, politics, crime, disunity and disorder which have long been the prime reason that has delayed and deteriorated the quality of life in the country. Preferably he must be male, because the female gender not discriminating against, but the male is more stable in his ways, as the female always changes her mind, this causes confusion and dissent and disunity Example Mahatma Gandhi
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    7. Cesar Santos Umali,MNSA class 32


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