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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Discrimination, Indeed the World is Not Mature Nor Openminded Enough to Erase Discrimination

Discrimination. This is the content/feature of a featureimage/article I recently stumbled in a leading Italian newspaper,la Repubblica. If you can understand the caption, well good then, but if not, I can only tell that the girl in the image below is Chinese and she feels 100% (her father is African) being so but people there don't think so...why? She is black! But why? Why are we like that? We do we look at skin colors? Notcool huh? I mean, if you have any religion or something of that kind, don't you think the One who created you is the same One who created people with other skin colors? The world is getting older but its inhabitants are still so immature and narrowminded. Very sad reality.

discrimination skin color


  1. indeed Roj, very important topic here...being intolerant and thinking discrimitively have and will be around us...
    have a good weekend!

  2. hay nako rojen, there are still so many ignorant people on this planet.. so i'm sure discrimination will keep going until those ignorants were still be here

  3. I think we are becoming more and more of an accepting race...little by little we should be spreading our belief that prejudice is wrong and that we're more similar than different.

  4. Discrimination is unfortunately a sad reality. When we deny other people's negativity and prejudice, it will only go unto them in the end. Spread love and do good. Thanks for the post! Keep up the great work!


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