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Monday, May 3, 2010

Vote for a Better Philippines, Invest for the Future

Vote for a Better Philippines, One Vote Can Change the Future, Invest on the Future: Fellow Filipinos, let your voice and sentiments be heard: never miss to vote and vote wisely! Ang inang bayan ay hindi natin minana mula sa ating mga ninuno kundi utang natin sa ating mga anak! Ingatan, respetuhin at alagaan natin siya, huwag nating abusuhin at huwag nating lapastanganin.

Why Should I vote? It is only a single count after all! Who’s to vote? Maybe I vote for my cousin?

1. No, it is NOT a single count but millions. Our public servants (supposed to be) are in position courtesy of a single vote- YOUR single vote, my single vote, my mom's single vote, your mom's single vote and soon! Yes, a single vote from a lot of Filipinos. Do not think in minuscule but paint the bigger picture. Your vote will never be wasted. Practice your right. Not all have it, you know.

election 2010 philippines, vote 2010Voting time for Filipinos is near. Six (6) more days and the big day is there. I am sure most of you, my beloved fellow Filipinos, have your own candidates in mind already. I know in some cases it is not very simple to exercise your voting rights as I heard before that there were cases of threats and intimidation to force voters in choosing a certain candidate. Thus, for those who can do the voting freely, without problems but an hour or two to spare, it’s a wonderful thing to do.

2. My candidate is not number one in the surveys, why should I vote? My dear brother or sister, the survey is only statistical. They pull out a few thousands of people out of millions. Your candidate deserved your vote. Let the whole nation know that YOU voted your candidate, that you prefer his/her style of government

3. “TV says… radio says… I read in newspaper that… “Don’t think that way. If you are very sure of your candidate, go for it! Don’t forget that media entities get paid for advertising or for making propaganda moves against or pro a certain candidate. I don’t think media entities can be 100% trusted of what they tell you.

4. He is from my province, I vote him! That is why Philippines is being left behind because we have this sympathy votes. We vote by feelings and in the end, we take all the pain. If you are sure that a person governs not go good, even if that candidate is from your area, vote for the correct one!

5. I will vote for A as he is nice and he is handsome or for B because she is sexy, young and beautiful and she shook my hand during the candidate. My dear voter, this is not the way to have our nation should have its fate. Smiling is not enough, facial value is nothing. What we need for our country is someone strong and with a good platform of government and who surely can manage to follow that platform he/she’s presenting.

6. “Politician A promised this to me… politician B, said he’d give me…” My dear brother and sister, if you think like this, do not complain about corruption. You’ve just been corrupted in broad daylight and you don’t know it! Never trust politicians who do personal promises. They will only waste your taxes later on. Can you imagine how others like you he/she promised to? And you know what? What he or she would spend to fulfill that promise is the money of the public! What a shame!

I think I have said enough. I just hope you are guided with your choice and not clouded with doubts or biases. God bless the Philippines. Hopefully a good leader can be chosen this time.
But you know what? Still to make our lives better depends mainly (99%) upon us, and does NOT depend upon any promising corrupting politician. Vote wisely. Your children need it. Philippines need it. Vote for your children and for the Philippines!


  1. this is my first time to vote and i am very excited about it.. but along with this excitement is fear, a fear of the election result... hopefully it will turn out good and satisfying

  2. I love reading your comment Bluedreamer... if you fear, that means you value your vote so much and you care about the country...and you do care about the results as well.

    I hope it will be all okay, successful, peaceful and fruitful in the future!


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