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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

False Bomb Alarm in Amsterdam During the Independence Day Event/in Memory of World War Two Victims in Netherlands; the Queen Escaped, 30 Wounded

panickduring independence day amsterdam netherlandsMy God! I live here in Netherlands! Yes, where Amsterdam is and I could have been in this event. This is rediculous and at the same time sad and really a thing to think of or to think about. What happened? I actually read this happening from, as usual, La Repubblica, the Italian newspaper (online). There is a video there as well of what happened. Today, I am at home as it is holiday here in Netherlands (whose capital city is Amsterdam, while administrative capital is the Hague, where I worked). Today, the 5th of May is Independence Day, and yesterday, the 4th of May is the Day for remembering the dead of world war two.

The panick is really something. This means that most people are so conscious of the unsafe environment around! If you want to see the video, see it here... It was during the speech of the "burgermeester" (mayor) after the two-minute silence for the world war two victims/deads that someone screamed so loud and long and then screaming that there was someone screamed "Bomb! Bomb!"and then the panick begins. That was it... and also the Dutch Queen Beatrix, who's present during the event,had to leave her post as well. It was stated that there were 30 people wounded caused by this panick.

One of the victims after the heavy panick...

The queen being lead away from the vicinity...

What can we conclude from this? The world is getting rotten,allow me to say it. Yes, we don't have freedom anymore. Anywhere is unsafe. That is why people are anxious and conscious that there might be bombing during this event because I think, the following reasons count:
Whether we like it or not, this world is heavily sinking... Now who can still enjoy public events and feasts like this? Now who can live in total anxiety? We will be all prisoners in our own houses if this is the case. Sad to think of but this is reality.


  1. hmmm, this is not good.. was that a genuine false alarm or somebody just trying to create the hoax for fun??

  2. @SK... It was actually mixed... I mean, the mayor announced that they pay 2-minute silence for the victims/deads of world war two then someone just made aloud and long scream (no particular word screamed) and this someone made it on purpose for a joke (he is said to be havingdrug problems) and someone genuinely reacted that there is abomb and screamed that there is a bomb... that's why i mentioned in the article that it was "rediculous".... but at the same time very serious.

  3. Thanks for the visit,have a nice weekend too.Your blog is nice.

  4. Thanks for visiting back, editor. I will revisit your site.

  5. i agree with you on the sad fact that world and mostly the overcrowded Europe is getting more and more not a safe place for living...:(

  6. That is so true, you can't even say that you are safe in your own home anymore.


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