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Sunday, May 9, 2010

I Pray to the Almighty Powers for the Success and Peace of the Philippine 2010 Presidential Elections

prayer for the philippine 2010 presidential election
As a Filipino,
I ask the favor of the Almighty One
To allow us to have successful and peaceful day
On this day, when the public servants are to be chosen
And this day begins on the 10th of May 2010.

Voter or non-voter, I pray for rthis day
To be respected and to be chherished
This is the day for every Flipino voter's voice
Let respect of each others' choice and opinion reign.
This I pray, Our Almighty Being!

As a voter,
Guidance,light and strength
Oh My Dear Almighty
Is what I ask of Thee.
Please guide me,
Please give me light
Please let me have strength
For a righteous choice
Let this act of voting
Be fruitful
And maybe someday
Will lead my dear nation
To a better condition.
Please guide and let this big day
To proceed in a successful and peaceful way.

As a candidate,
Allow me Our Almighty One
To Accept the fate of this big day
I volunteered to be one of the servants of this nation
But if my fellow Filipinos choose someone else before me
Give me strength to accept this reality.

I always have wanted to serve my fellow men;
It is a gigantic honor from my side
This sense of honor can be sometimes misleading
And can change my views and approaches at times.
My Dear Almighty please help and guide me.


  1. thats a nice prayer you have there. let there be peace this coming elections.

  2. By the way, Blog Idol just got started earlier today, you can cast your vote now, at Bluedreamer's Top Five

    Thanks a lot for participating!

  3. wah sorry for my late visit, just got busy with the 2010 Presidential Election today.(haha my first time to vote!! just excited!^_^).

    My Dad and i were still watching live updates on tv to see who's on the lead...
    So far it's Noynoy for Pres. and Binay for Vice..

  4. I believe the election process was indeed not that bad... peso exchange rate was getting stronger after the election...


  6. i pray with u! for your lovely country:)


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