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Saturday, February 9, 2008

On Estrada's God is Punishing the Country (Philippines)

I have read a lot of comments on the note of the deposed President Estrada that God is punishing the country. I have seen that many commented on this issue and others go to the extent of addressing him as a crazy man. I have read the full report on this issue why Erap has said so about the country when I was browsing at the "" Inquirer Online.

As I have read, and as I was still in the Philippines when this 2001 ousting for Erap happened, I have a view of what was going on in the country. It was my first year in college back then and I have seen how his cabinet members resigned one by one. And yes, I have seen how the Catholic church have participated. I cannot blame Erap for musing his bitterness for he has point. Actually, it is not only now that the country is being punished... it has been since a long time ago! Yes, way back from the time of Marcos and so on.

I was still an unplanned child during the time of Marcos and I have never felt what the opressed Filipinos have felt back then. But yes, it was a punishment to the people and I do not understand what they have done to have it. During the time of Corazon Aquino, I was still a child all but I do not remember anything in progress for the nation that happened during her time, only her refusal of setting the Philippine debt to zero. Seeing the interest rates and interest amount of the country's debt today, Filipinos would understand how they are punished.. when the large cut from the national budget only go to he payment of the country's debt. And during the time of Ramos, yes, you are right that I was still a child but that time the only thing I can remember is his unlimited state visits! It seems to me that he used his presidency as an all time vacation and a world tour!

And during the time of Erap? This time I have a little understanding but I saw how the masses appreciated him, and I have also learned that it is not very advisable to be too close to the poor for the business (and rich) group in the country do not like this! Also, it was a punishment to have a president full of advisors who later on turned out to be advising against his power! I felt so bad for Erap how dirtied his name was and how things went on during that time on the country... how both opposing sides took people to rally for a certain cause paying them money and just look how low life poor are treated.. and yes, it was for both sides, either against or pro Erap... I felt so bad for I have felt there was no on who was PRO Philippines

And during Arroyo's time (this runs up to now), I am not anymore a child. I see the same things again. People asking her to do this to do that because it was this group of people who put her on power, these groups have supported her, this group have helped oust Erap, etc. etc! There are just unlimited wants and requests from a lot of Filipinos. Again, protest rallies are everywhere! There is no ending of all clamours and discontentment. I am not defending Arroyo because I too have seen how many scandals are going around her family and administration and I have a share of discontentment. But to complain all the time on the street without giving any solution is not my style of making my life better.

Erap is right. God is punishing the country. Because it is the country's action that made it what is it now. If it is suffering, it is because the people are corruptible. And yes, there would be no corrupt officicals if no one allows to be corrupted. Just think about it!

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