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Sunday, February 10, 2008

How Philippines Can Progress if It's Male Inhabitants Piss Like Dogs?

With my travels so far, only Filipino men I have seen are without shame pissing everywhere they feel like pissing! I don't really know where this habit have originated and how the country have tolerated this. To be honest, this is not only happening in the Metro manila area, nor solely in the cities but everywhere in the country.

When I was still a kid and was walking my way to school, friends and schoolmates just pee around like this is the most correct action ever! Until high school, college, university, work and until now, this pissing scene is still very active and growing!. Indeed the government has a big role in providing public toilets for everyone but this is not an alibi. Why women do not urinate just anywhere? It means that it is really the fault of men (Pinoys). If women can contain their urge to pee, why men cannot? And why are they excused to pollute the surroundings? Such a schifo!

Filipino men do not understand the meaning of respect and urbanity! I feel sad when they just blame the government for all the negative things in their lives but they do not look at the mirror and see how wrong they are even in the smallest of acts. They don't understand that with this kind of habit and attitude, they should be ashamed to ask anything from the government or from anyone. They don't even respect their own surroundins, their own country, and above all, no respect for each and every one. No respect for themselves as well because they are the ones who dirtied themeselves. If this is the case that the Filipinos don't have respect for their own race and nation, who else can respect Filipinos? NO ONE!

Aside from the polluton and garbage problems that are very rampant in the country, Filipino men's piss is another big problem. If this habit persists, there will come a time that there is no single square meter in the Philippines that does not smell of piss... Yuckkk... a real yuckkkky! Even with this sole habit, I don't think the country deserves to be better! It's people don't even respect it by pissing like dogs! Maleducated! Ignorant and a dirty act done by so many Pinoys! Have a little SHAME on yourself, MAN!

If you want to see another pissful article, see "this. You will see that I got the photos' links " here.


  1. its really disgusting to see guys pee on the walls - only dogs do that!

    and most of them actually pee in a busy street. eew.

  2. madami talagang mga pasaway. hindi lang pilipino.

    mga taong ayaw sa bawal. patetik!

  3. no hmong is allowed

  4. no hmong allowed on this post

  5. ching chong ching chong dua dua gukoh mey

  6. Well, Pinoys have to do something to get rid of all the beer they sold their firstborn child for. Why not seal the deal as the uncivilized garbage they are and piss in public, too?

  7. Ever arrive at Manila International Airport?
    As the doors of the plane open, in rushes the hot humid Manila air thick with the scent of jet fuel and urine. Welcome to the Philippines.

  8. hi there filipino blogger. yes, pinoys who pee everywhere is disgusting, and humiliating. if spitting everywhere sucks, this sucks even more. although it's a fact that it's difficult for men biologically to control their urge to pee, as compared to women, there is still no excuse why it's so rampant among filipinos, of all nationalities! nakakahiya!


  9. uhm.. if women had an elongated vagina, a protruding membrane which i will call "she penis" from this point forward, then, more or less, you'd see women urinating along streets just like men. that's going to be a fact. if you care so much about ethics, try to hit on points emphasizing social norms. different societies have their own norms. you castigate too much, but i guess you know less.

    quit whining about how Filipino men are so pathetic, uneducated or obscene, just because they pee everywhere.

    you write too much about the philippines.
    you write so much about MY country that you get your self into so much trouble, thinking how you could construct critiques about MY FUCKING COUNTRY. or should we say, paraphrase statements made by a few blood suckers around the web?

    you write too much about the Philippines, and its full of shit (just like your pea-size brain). if you really hate the Philippines, why the hell is your blog so FILIPINO?

    its typical for a Filipino to say YUCK. especially when its HIS FUCKING country on the chopping board.

    your arguments are purely sensational. sensational in most contexts, is nonsense.
    ignoratio elenchi. all your words. not a single fact. not a single demonstration. a pure shit waiting to be flushed.

    the next time you write, write with your brain.
    the keyboard recognizes your finger taps, just as how the readers judge how you think.

  10. to pauolo:
    You write too much about the Philippines, and its full of shit (just like your pea-size brain). if you really hate the Philippines, why the hell is your blog so FILIPINO?<----That's exactly why he writes about the philippines..Where's shit in what he wrote?Unless maybe, Filipino men are shitting in public too?But no, there isn't a single shit...There's just piss..literally..

    What is your argument then? Why can't you accept the truth?The blogger is not hating on us Filipinos...He's simply stating a fact among Filipino men...Get your head straight...

    try to hit on points emphasizing social norms. different societies have their own norms. you castigate too much, but i guess you know less.<------He did say that most Filipino men even young kids think that there's nothing wrong with pissing everywhere like a dog...And it's becoming a social norm...Is this the kind of social norm you want for the philippines?Or does the truth hurt you?Or are you one of those uneducated, uncivilized men?You know it dude...Filipinos have their own set of negative attitudes...Now if you can't accept that then changes/reforms will never come...another thing to take note here is government involvement...If and only if the Local government or at least MMDA strictly enforce the corresponding ordinances/laws to these issues, then maybe noone will dare do such a thing..

    paulo your attitude itself is what's preventing our country from moving forward...You see, this is how uneducated people react when people are constructively criticizing them...The same goes for most Filipinos who are guilty themselves.Yes we understand the sentiment of getting hurt when other people speak ill of our country...but the fact is, it's the truth..And you see this everywhere...dont deny it...


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