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Thursday, August 21, 2008

I AM Too Thankul To Have PR 3 from Google!

I admit I have abandoned this blog for a while. Actually, for a long time. Because of this, I never knew when this blog started to have a very good PR. I have to admit that the traffic over here sucks for the desertion that I have made. I am so glad however that it still got a PR from google. And that is PR 3.

What does it mean to me? It feels like a good accmplishment actually. I know my blog is not that much but this is my first blogger blog and this is where I learned. Now, I have domains which are customized for my current blogs. All the contents in this blog have paid out. I put my heart and soul in writing this actually. It was good that I never deleted this despite my shift of attention.

Now I would like to revive this blog and be more focused on the issues tacked in here which is more on Philippine culture and everything Philippines. I think the keyword density for the word Philippines or any other things related to Philippines such as Philippine culture, Philippine tourism, Philippine prostitution, Philippine business, Philippine economy, Filipinas, Filipinos and stuffs like that in this blog are just too heavy to ignore.

I am so thankful then and now I am very proud to have made this blog into its new position.

Do you want to link in this blog? If you don't have PR yet, you are welcome as well, just email me at weblogstuffs@gmail.com for that intention. Happy Blogging everyone!


  1. if you may add....

    "ang kabuktutan ng philippine government" :))

    welcome back pilipinas!

  2. must be thankful, i lost mine for about 3 weeks...

  3. Hello Rogue! Just got in here. Good for u, u've got PR. I lost my PR4 3mos ago but still hoping i'll get it back. Kung maawa si Mr. G, kahit mas lower lang. Lol.

    Happy weekend!

  4. Wow congratulations,, i wonder when i will be having that PR thing..hehe

  5. Congratulations Dear! I also have PR3 and I really am thankful because all my online hardwork paid off. I'd like to keep it that way for as long as Big G will allow it. I'd love to read more of Philippine topics from this site.:)

  6. I'm glad you made it! ;)

    I still have to work on a lot for my baby blog. I hope to reach that same PR soon!

    Did I say that I'm starting to go often here?

  7. Sometimes, we can't help but to attend to other matters and when you go back, you will know how much your blog's worth when you read your visitor's comments. Like this one ;)

    Keep it up!


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