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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Awards, Tags anf All About Online Friendship for this Week

As my rule, awards and gifts ^_^ and tags and meme or anything else are posted on weekend. However, this weekend I am a little late in doingit. I am very occupied with my new found freelance writing work! It is quite enslaving as I may say but I love the fact that I learn so much as I write my chosen assignments.

I just finished my 4th assignment which is a 10-page paper. I started it last night and I cannot sleep to finish it. I love the topic because it is related to my profession (SarbOx) so I never stopped reading more and more. It pays very cheap compared to my other free lancing writing job but as I have mentioned, I have an educational growth with this one so I am here with sleepless nights and unattended blogs. But I hope I can get over the addiction now. Actually, the last job I have submitted has a deadline of 6 days more but I submitted now. Maybe I am just overwhelmed by the responses of my customers that I am very inspired! I thank Gina for referring me to the site.

Now I am here, claiming all the tags and awards given.

I have from April, Weng,and Pen Palaboy,Pen Palaboy this week! Let’s see what I got!

The one from April is about “Link Around the World Tag”. It is a very good friendship tag, as I may consider because aside from being a tag, it also works back going to one’s own site and blogs. It is useful.

The tag says:

Let us all help each other out by doing each and everyone a little favor… Building our Technorati ranks and probably our Google page rank! How? By doing this tag!

I am making this not only to build up my own blog, but of course, to build up yours as well! So tag along, and lend us your helping hands. :-)

Disclosure: The image is from moreforkids.info

^_^ Start copying from here: ^_^

These are the LinkChildrenholdinghandssm_3s Around The World Tag.

1. Place your link after the list. If you have more than 1 blog, feel free to add them all here!
2. After placing your blog’s address/es, you must tag 5 or more bloggers that is not yet in the list, this is to keep the ball rolling.
3. Here is the best part: Make sure to update your list every now and then, by getting the master list here. I’ll be updating the master list every day, or as soon as I see a new blog that’s been added to the list. ^_^

Links around the world tag
Momhood Moments 2. Business Mars 3. A Simple life 4. moms….. check nyo 5. Mommy’s Little Corner 6. Random Thoughts 7.Paradigm 8. place your link here

                              ^_^ End copying here ^_^

Tagging: Rose, Denzyl, Fei,
Bloggers’ Greener Pasture,
Kei, Ashik, Navin, ChaLyza, Faith,Marc, Venu, Apple, Bunso, Twinkletoe, I Love Philippines Too, Anino, King, and Jemar...

My Added Listing:
Bloggers’ Greener Pasture,
Sexy and Healthy,
Travelling Strega,
Bloggers’ Greener Pasture,

That was it. Now it’s my turn to make the ball rolling. Of course, first in my list Gina the Meliorist! Along with her, I tag others. Simply look at the list that follows:

The Meliorist,
Bluedreamer’s Top 5,
Life and Adventures of Mica,
La Vita: Aller La-bas,
Pen Palaboy,

That ends here for the meantime. I have visited their blogs latey and have not seen this kind of tag yet so I am tagging them along.

TIP: To make it easy for the link of others to appear, simply view the source of this post so you will make it easier. Click “View” the “Source” and use the ctrl+f function to look for any word in this post so you know and and see what to copy.

Another award is the “Perfect Blend of Friendship” from Weng, the owner of Aller La Vita:La-bas blog. Thanks a lot for this Weng and I highly apprecite this. I know I am like your big sister (though I am not that big!) and we agree in many things. I like to argue with your views though! I like to see how open minded you are.. Anyway, thanks for the friendship as well and the e-mails and all. Ummm… this then goes to again, always my victim, Gina my friend. I wish to meet you really in real life Gina, hmmm..maybe in five years? Well, we’ll see. Visit and see the new page layout and blog skin of Gina HERE. Another victim is Sheng . Even I don’t frequent her site as often as it should be, I like her personal blog and the online friendship, though not that very close yet. And of course, even Anino, would not post this, I want to award just the same this to him or her or whatever! ^_^

And of course, the third award, the heart in the clouds from Pen Palaboy, I bestow to Weng Aller La Vita:La-bas. I’d love to see this in your blog Weng and as you said tawhay ka na subong kag makaginhawa na! So I award this to you! Congratulatins for finishing another academic year and have the best of luck for your next and final college year. Thanks again Pen Palaboy.


  1. HI! GOSH, dami nang award ha. hindi ko naipopost sa blog ko, medyo busy eh. Congrats ha approved ka na friend. no more nobela tuloy were both busy haha. God bless! im just here :)

  2. please help me pala spread about EARTH HOUR it's for the WORLD. i just dunno when is Italy but I know this activity is Global. thanks im busy campaigning. i really can't get my heart out of this Environment.
    hey im nominated still. i know you're behind me. thanks a lot

  3. thanks for the award and tag poh... post it later na lang po pwede...? kung hindi tomorrow sa sat na lang poh pwede kasi exams na nmn sa wednesday... am finished with the paper works and now am preparing for the exams... i decided na rin po to make a new blog for tags and award... doon ko na lang po ipopost..

  4. thanks gurl..bonggang bonggang award ito...


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