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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Fellow Filipinos Gaining Respect and Giving Honor to the Philippines: Seafarers!

If you have seen this post here, I can say that this post now is quite relevant. You may have notice that most of the articles in this blog are kind of negative but that does not mean that my intentions are negative. I would like my fello Filipinos to wake up in their deep slumber. Only through acceptance of our shortcomings we will be able to irradicate that shortcoming(s), right? It's just like cancer, how can you cure it if you don't even acknowledge its existence?

Living here in Europe for almost three years, I have meet some people around. From these people, I learn a lot of stuff,and I also learn from fellow Filipinos or half-Filipinos I meet in various places. I hear their ideas,opinions and experiences and from their, I compare what is it in the Philippinesan/or I hear their opinions about Philippines or Filipinos.

Last December, I was able to speak with a newly-wed couple friends who just had their honeymoon in a cruise. Theirexperiences was that there are a lot of Filipinos on board the cruise ship. Although this couple are both Italians, they became awareof stuff considering they have a Filipino friend: I! After their cruise, they can only appreciate theFilipino service thay received:

Following are their comments that made my heart really skip with excitement andmade me proud to be one Filipino:

1. Why are you Filipinos so educated? No screaming, no nervousness towards customers/clients, etc?

2. You are all respectful and soft-spoken;

3. The cruise ship'sFilipino crews never missed a "Buon giorno"(good morning) and "Grazie" (thanks) whenever the situation is correct;

4. The service they give is very good.

Whenever I hear things like these, it makes me happy. I am very contented. This means a big honor to the country/nation and to the Filipino nation. Lovely reaction/feedback, right?

I need not raise my hand and say "I'm Filipino too!" in this ocassion. The fact that I know that my fellow Filipinos are in good situation, and receive good feedbacks such as this story in this article, is very fulfilling.

How I wish I hear more stories like these and more positive posts in blog will be published here rather than most of the rants of the bad stuff. Time to improve, time to be known for the good side (if not for the best) . Go Filipinos! Be the pride of the world!