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Friday, May 22, 2009

My Fellowmen: Please Save the Nature to Save Our Future

Staying in Philippines for 22 years has its ups and downs. I was born in this motherland of ours, I was raised there and I was educated there. Living here in Europe is no bed of roses as well. It's always a different feeling to be at home and feel at home and just do the normal stuff I have been doing before. I tell you guys that it's no easy thing to go against what you have been doing for 22 years: culture, customs, weather, climate, people, language, race, beliefs and many other things. I really need to be adaptable, which I am lucky I am, but I still tell you that here is NOT my home.

Here, I have to obey everything. Here, I have to feel so much cold. Here, I have to do a lot of bureaucratic procedures to make one thing. Here I do not have a clue where to see bargains, which store is for the right budget, etcetera, etcetera. Here they speak Dutch and I speak English. There's always the difference here but here it's also cleaner here and people are making their nature livable, not only today but also in the future.

Although I never went abroad before 22 years, I had a lot of Korean buddies back in the University. And I quote one of them (Lee) when we talked about rivers: "We are not as stupid as you Filipinos to pollute our rivers." That was a piercing statement but that was true. What could I tell him? Should I tell him what he noted was not true? I could not! Why? Because the evidence was slapping my face right in front of us when he made that statement.

I was Lee's tutor for English conversations and proper usage of words and anything to have him pass the TOEIC examination. We made lessons in the hotel suite he rented until the examination time came. Such hotel is beside the river and the river stinks at certain hours of the day... more specifically, when we made lessons at around 3-4 in the afternoon. Outside that time frame, I don't know if the river still stinks because I'm out of the place already.

Lee explained that he took the hotel expecting a great river view and a good contact with nature. He noted that when he reserved that place, the photo he saw from online was clean. He did not expect that Philippines could be so dirty with thrown garbage and plastics right in the river as during low tides, these thrown objects rush to the river banks and the residue make up the stinky waters.

Why do we Filipinos are so selfish? Why are we not thinking of the future? Why do we throw garbage anywhere whenever we get the chance to? I don't know why! Maybe we are indeed stupid that we cannot understand what lies ahead in the future. We are so stupid to understand that we cause our own floods, we create our own land slides, and flash floods. That's for today and we just imagine the exponential effect to our next generation because of our irresponsibilities.

It's time to be properly educated. At least a little by little. If each one of us, around 100 million, just throw a single candy wrapper in the correct place, can you imagine what big improvement it already makes? Imagine those wrappers where thrown not in the trash cans but in open places? When rainy season comes, these wrappers will be carried by the water to water ways, drainage and rivers and would eventually cause clogs and floods.

Be a real Filipino who thinks of the Philippines. Be responsible at least for the little acts that can save our nature and save our future.